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Best & Taylor News Update For 3-7-2018 AT NEW TIME 7:30 PM CT

March 7, 2018

Peace, Peace When There Is No Peace, Earth Changes & More…


Kimmy the wiz kid offers peace with “security” in the offer he made to South Korea and the United States. Is it possible that we could go into a short era of “seeming peace” just before the wars of Daniel, Isaiah and Ezekiel take place? Or is Kim just wanting a little more time to finish out his nuclear missile and war head testing? The Trump coup and counter-coup continues unabated, yet the real criminals are still out walking around and Sessions is not doing anything to bring these known criminal violations while the special prosecutors go after Trump people non-stop. Earth changes continue, new heat anomaly in the gulf, could be a warning as the volcanic activity the world over is heating up – radiation levels of “unknown energies from space” continues as the bots warned about and more…



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