Best & Taylor Intel Update For 2-14-2018


Tonight On Night Shadows – 2-14-2018

Nurse Ratchet Is Overlord of Matrix Earth and There Is Only One Escape


Deep State continues their war on Trump and Bibi of Israel to take them down, but so far all efforts have failed. It seems that the people are really going off the deep end, not just in America, but around the world. War warnings in the Middle East continue to ramp up along with Earth changes. Sedition and treason abound in high places, and more and more people are wondering why there are no indictments, no arrests and no one in jail, which are indicative of total lawlessness and corruption at the highest levels. On the paranormal front, sightings of Mothman in Chicago continue, wolfman and bigfoot sightings on the increase and more…






3 thoughts on “Best & Taylor Intel Update For 2-14-2018

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  2. 3 times i dreamed that the global economic collapse would begin when israel did a pre-emptive strije somewhere north of them, i didnt see where, just that it as north. their strike shocked the world seemed to come out of no where. global markets crashed tho the nations Knew the crash was coming they were just trying to control it. israels strike upset their plans, the backlash of hatred for isreal was horrific, even from the US govt. this event escalates. it is the first real domino that starts everything falling for real. israel had no idea that one of the places they bombed was worse than they thought, it releases something–gas, virus, fallout, not sure but it makes some people sick but not a huge area. this event is THE event to cause the world to hate and come agasint isreal, global economic collapse, more wars m the whole enchilada. at the end of the dreams, each time i was told ‘whne you see this you will know IT has begun’. meaning we entered the freeway to end times.. the Storm has come upon us.


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