The Best & Taylor News Hour For 1-26-2018


Tonight On Night Shadows – 7:00 PM CT

Trump Coup & Counter Coup, Kim & Olympics, Iran, Israel, No Peace


In the movie Independence Day, the alien creature said NO PEACE and for humanity TO DIE. The Bible says when the world is saying peace and security, sudden destruction comes. It comes upon the world with no notice, no clue it is about to fall. However, we know from what is happening in Washington and the world, that a FALSE PEACE will arise along with appears to be “good times coming” and someone will lead the world into a new golden age – but before all of that, it appears the chaos and war must happen. Trump is the great REVEALER, showing us the deep state corruption and the REAL PLANS to topple America and it is no longer “conspiracy theory” but actual fact and much more….