The Best & Taylor Hour – There’s A Slow Train Coming Around The Bend

Tonight on Night Shadows 7:00 PM CT

Chaos Mounts, War Drums Beat Louder, Turkey Invades Syria and Darkness Comes


Unless one is totally comatose and drowning in Denial Tea, one can see that the world is slowly descending into chaos, exactly as the Masonic Motto says – “Order Out of Chaos”. Has this final portion of chaos begun? The United States has no business in Syria because Syria is a sovereign nation and has not invited the US Military upon its soil, and thus is in total violation of International Law. Turkey has begun its invasion of Syria as we said it would in our last program. With India and Pakistan war talk builds, so does the North Korean situation appear to be a trick of some type. Then we have Russia preparing for an Norway invasion, so war and rumors of war abound. Then we climate and erratic weather and a troubled Sun and more…