Best & Taylor Intel Update – For 1-12-2018


Tonight On Night Shadows 7:00 PM CT

Assassinations, Putin, Bibi, Israel, Deep State, Sun Disease and More…




With a new report due to come out on the 15th revealing far more about the Deep State and the Obama/Hillary attempts to overthrow the government in their communist coup attempt, the chances of an assassination attempt upon Trump are growing with each day. No matter what Trump does or says he is wrong and evil, a mentally deranged idiot who needs to be impeached. A report out says that Putin warned Trump of an attempt upon his life, and you may remember the 9-11 Navy operations and the investigations as to who was involved in this INSIDE 9-11 ATTACK. Then we have our troubled Sun and why tons of food is being stored UNDERGROUND in a huge nationwide tunnel and city system for the elite while you and I stay on the surface for the KILL SHOT CME operations and more…



2 thoughts on “Best & Taylor Intel Update – For 1-12-2018

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  2. You are correct. Putin got wind of an assassination attempt to be made when Trump visits London (an HQ of the DEEP STATE i.e. GLOBALIST LUCIFERIAN ELITE) and in giving the intel to Netanyahu asked him to pass it along to DJT (probably because he didn’t want to give fuel to the fake fires about DJT & Russia), which Bini promptly did. The result was DJT cancelled London visit – apparently he’s taken very strong measures to harden the WH too. This I’ve been following at – and today they report that Assange has agreed to Trump’s terms! I know Assange after being busted in Oz for hacking the US intelligence community, was brought to the US to work as white hat on those systems. No wonder the Deep STate / CIA / ONI / NSA would prefer him dead. Hopefully DJT can continue to be successful in his take down of Deep State and associated corruption.


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