Best & Taylor Intel Update For 1-10-2018


Deep Solar Minimum, Spreading USA Drought, Trump Counter Coup and More…


The Sun is rapidly descending into its minimum, and experts are saying it may go into a extra deep minimum that will cause a mini-ice age with major changes in both climate and weather. This has huge ramifications for agriculture and famine in the United States, as the Northern States would have much colder summers and short growing seasons. Coupled with the growing drought in major food production areas, it appears the prophecies of Jeremiah may now be coming to pass. 2017 was a year of disasters, and 2018 may be far worse. The Trump counter coup appears to be well underway and much more…



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  1. Love you folks and very much appreciate The work…you both are important part of our lives! Love, Olivia Frisco, TX

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  2. It is the chemical trails that they are spraying that is blocking out the sun. This morning we woke up to the sky being full of them. We had blue skies and soon they will be white. What a sorry sight!!!


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