Best & Taylor Update – 12-20-17 – The Storm Is Coming

Tonight On Night Shadows – 7:00 PM CT

The Grand Pivot – Temple Talk, War Talk & The Arrival


2017 has been a year of major events all pointing to Daniel’s 70th week and the Messianic era beginning. Trump’s approval of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel will lead to the Temple, be it a major construction or David’s Tabernacle, which can go up almost overnight. We are close, and 2018 will likewise complete the pivot and we will be in Daniel’s lost week unless the Lord delays everything, which is now unlikely, but a possibility. The arrival cannot be far off and Earth changes and odd weather the world over are another sign of impending trouble for humanity and more…


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3 thoughts on “Best & Taylor Update – 12-20-17 – The Storm Is Coming

  1. Why don’t you ever talk about “Morgellons” or any of the luciferian trans-humanism agenda? This is one of their main agendas that ties in GMO’s, vaccines, and the aerosol (chemtrail) program. Once you see what we are all breathing, it really opens your eyes… Thanks for what you do-


  2. You are very welcome, looking forward to your show tonight with Larry. Blessings and prayers to you both!


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