Best & Taylor News Hour – 12-15-2017

Tonight On Night5 Shadows – 7:00 PM CT


NK Missile Launch, Trump, Obama Coup, The G-5 Bee Hive, Iran & More…

Wikileaks reveals Obama Deep State coup against Trump, Kim to launch new ICBM possibly on weekend, war drums beating much louder, Iran violating UN nuke deal, but is the proof real or manufactured to justify another invasion much like Iraq? The globalists need a war, revolution, economic collapse or natural disaster such as an EMP attack to get the chaos needed so the masses of people will accept draconian controls and a G5 Police State that goes with it. What appears to be coming is an AI Intelligence running the affairs of humanity. How close are we? No one knows for sure, but the signs for an impending doomsday are everywhere. We are at a pivot point as we move through 2017 to 2018.






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