Best & Taylor Update – Moving Through The Pivot & Israel’s Trouble

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Kim’s Nukes & Missiles, Arab Wars & Trump Coup & Americans Sleep


Even if people do not realize it, the world is on the brink of war, while the signs of the Return of Christ are everywhere and mounting. Jesus told us that it would come as a SNARE, suddenly, with no warning whatever, and everything would change in as instant, in a twinkling of the eye – He also told us to pray always that we be worthy to stand before the SON OF MAN and “escape” all these things that were to come upon the Earth. The convergence appears to be upon us, and while it may appear as any other day, and war can come in a moment. Earth changes abound, paranormal sighting being reported, mothman, big foot, wolfman, UFO’s – it is all coming together for the final days of man’s probation upon Earth and more…



On The Seventh Day?



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