Best & Taylor Update – Peace or War? Humanity On The Brink

Tonight On Night Shadows 7:00 PM CT

Have We Reached the Pivot Point and Israel’s Time Of Trouble?


The Middle East is in turmoil ad riots break out because of Trump recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, something Lord has known all along – but it does show how Israel is hated by the world, as world leaders condemn Trumps move including the Pope, the United Nations, Europe and many Arab states all showing us their true feelings about Israel, confirming Psalm 83! Then we have the fires in California that have all the marks of ANOTHER use of particle beam, laser or microwave for the attack. Earth changes rapidly increasing the world over, more Mothman & UFO sightings, and more…



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  1. Hi Stewart, check this out please. many things to ponder here.

    also check her latest stuff out . only been out a day or two. I would start at puzzle 5.


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