Best & Taylor Update – 11-24-2017 – 2018 A Bad Year?

Tonight on Night Shadows 7:00 PM CT

Middle East War & Peace, North Korea, Earth Unrest, Coups & Counter Coups


It seems that a Middle East peace plan is hiding in the background and that war will happen first to make sure the peace agreement over there is accepted quickly. We do not know when Crown Prince Salman will ascend to the throne of Saudi Arabia, but we do know he had said he wants war with Iran, and is behind the Yemen and Lebanon unrest. The economic system appears to be very close to a major collapse, earth changes are on the rise, with earthquakes, volcanic activity and flooding all over the world as freak storms unleash their record breaking downpours. Experts are saying 2018 will be record breaking year for huge earthquakes, as they run in cycles. More booms are being heard around the world but no one knows where they are coming from, but may be core of Earth.