Wars & Rumors Of Wars, America Implosion, Paranormal Events & Spiritual Decay

Tonight On Night Shadows – 7:00 PM CT

Augusto Perez, Larry & Stewart Round Table on World Events, Prophecy & The Paranormal




War news from Korea and Israel, as a new triad forms between America, Saudi Arabia & Israel – target is Lebanon at first. Saudi Crown Prince Salman promised billions to Israel as does America. Then we have Korea and China betrays Trump, warns Trump not to practice military drills off North Korean coast in international waters. The war drums are now beating faster as the world of nations prepares for World War Three. The major media are now focusing on sex secrets and it appears to be both a revelation of the corruption of America, but also a smokescreen for something far more sinister. We will also speak about dreams and visions, paranormal sightings and much more..