Best & Taylor Quick Flash Update – War In the Middle East?

Tonight On Night Shadows – 7 PM CT

The Donald, Bibi, Prince Salman and WAR BEGINNING?


War reports from sources in Israel say that Israel has launched an attack against Syria, and rumors of a PEACE AGREEMENT coming to the fore are also blowing in the wind. Then we have the high strangeness down in Antarctica with the discovery of a huge step pyramid structure who steps could only be for literal giants. Remember the bots said that Antarctica would undergo massive earth changes which may force the hybrid UFO groups out of there and invade America and other countries. Earthquake activity increasing in key hot-spot areas, may be volcano related and much more…




3 thoughts on “Best & Taylor Quick Flash Update – War In the Middle East?

  1. Hi stewart. Thankyou for another excellent show! Do you and Larry have an address where donations can be sent via regular mail? I cannot find anything on either of your sites. My husband and I are long time listeners and would like to support your work. We love your show and look forward to it every mon, wed and fri.
    Thank for all your hard work Stewart (and Larry too).


    • Thank you for your kind comments – yes, you can send donations to Stewart Best, P.O. Box 55, Downsville, WI 54735. Make any checks out to Stewart Best and mark GIFT in the comment section on your check – I will notify Larry and find out where you should send for him. Thanks so much, we have almost no support at all – truth is not desired, I guess!!! Thanks again.


  2. Thank you Best and Taylor!! We are praying for you guys and look forward to your pod cast everyday! We know through scripture that you are speaking the truth and it really helps our family here in California for the churches here are dead. God Bless you guys and look forward to the coming of our Lord and savior YASHUA JESUS CHRIST the true and living King!
    Thank you from the Brown family, Nathan, Shannon and our 14 year old daughter Ryle. She listens to you both too. Godspeed.


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