Best & Taylor Update – Has It Begun?

Tonight On Night Shadows – 7:00 PM CDT

The Final Push To Bring America Down – Beware November 4th, Is It Real or Memorex?


The New York City terror attack is just the beginning as the United States faces its final take down – and little if anything is being done to stop it – many of these communists are now coming out and saying they will bring the Trump government down – yet they are not being arrested or even talked to – the police, sworn to uphold law and order standby and do nothing as people are hurt, violence towards property and nothing is done to stop it. These orders are coming from higher authority, most of which are now communists and are directly involved in this take down. They too will pay the ultimate price for treason, which it really is. The Illuminati have to be given credit where it is due, they have “stayed the course” and the Lord is using them to bring down and destroy America-Babylon and more…




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  1. Hi, Stewart: Thanks for your shows with Brother Larry. I really enjoy listening to you all try to help make sense of the insanity we’re watching around us. I have a question for you: If you’ve listened to interviews of Doc Marquis (or, for that matter, any other former Illuminist, Mason or Luciferian) do you know, do they get rewarded for causing mental anguish, pain &/or suffering? Is it, like, a sacrifice for them to do that to “Christians”? Or is it just, perhaps, that those individuals I’m describing enjoy hurting others regardless of their affiliation with secret societies? Thanks, Sister Christi


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