Best & Taylor Update – Obama’s 9-11, War Rumors, Earthquakes, Coups and Mor

Tonight On Night Shadows 7:00 PM CDT

Obama  Rising, Destroyer Coming, and It’s All On Time For A Wild Ride…


As the world plunges ever deeper into the TIMES OF THE SINNERS, it appears that events on Earth are getting more and more “out of control”. Deep State is still holding on to the Kennedy Secrets, have had 50 years to hide documents and the real truth, more sightings of the destroyer at the same time it shows up on the Bible Codes, Trump pushing Deep State into a corner, and a strange ad appears for “crisis actors” for November1-2, so another false flag attempt? Snow in Wisconsin, earthquake warnings, Mothman sighted again in Chicago, and sightings of UFO’s, deep space intruder and more…