Best & Taylor Update – 10-25-2017 – Chaos To Begin “Soon”.

Tonight on Night Shadows at 7:00 CDT

When They Say Peace & Security, Sudden Destruction Cometh


As we approach October 30/31, we might want to be on the look-out for a major false flag event to divert out attention away from DEEP STATE pedogate, as the elite will not allow these investigations of total corruption to continue much longer, or the New World Order plans may fall apart – we are in a most dangerous time period for America and the world. As revelation after revelation comes out, the more DEEP STATE will have to come up with DIVERSIONS to stop further investigations. With the world economy starting to implode, the usual tactics of the elite is WAR, and with all of the military movements in America and in the Korean area, it looks like WAR may be the first of the dominoes to fall. Antifa chaos to begin 11-4, which is a 4-11, and that is a 44. Something big is in the winds – and more…