Best & Taylor Update – 10-23-2017 – SAC Going To High Alert


Tonight On Night Shadows At 7:00 PM CDT

Trump Call Up 1000 Pilots, SAC goes on 24/7 Alert, Japan Says War Close At Hand

The Dogs of War are barking louder every day, SAC goes on 24/7 Alert, Pilots are being called up, Japan signals war at any moment – remember Trump said he would not tell us what, when or how on any military moves, but these are clues we are going to war, amid talk of continued diplomacy. A new prophecy that appears to forecast what the Bible says claims that OBAMA will come back to power, but only¬† Kim and Trump¬† get involved in conflict and Obama blames Trump and the masses of America put him back into office. Meanwhile Mr. Rainier in Washington is making rumbles. Severe typhoon headed for Japan, and weather changes are going global and more…