Best & Taylor FLASH Update For 10-18-2017 – Solar Warnings & Earthquake Watch

Tonight on Night Shadows – 7:00 PM CDT

Solar Flares, Earthquake Watch & Exercises, Trump Coup Gains Speed and more…


Our Sun just threw a tantrum and cast out two major FLARE events, one Earth directed. While not a major threat it could spark some major earthquake activity which only adds to the woes of this planet, beset with strange weather, increasing volcanic activity and earthquakes appear to be growing as well. Is Earth headed into a time of trouble never seen before as the Bible indicates? Wars and rumors of wars, Kim says will fire off more missiles, Iran’s Spiritual head claims America is a “bully” and so on and on it goes. Meanwhile Putin is in the middle of huge war games. Earthquake exercise beginning on 10-19 or another 9-11 in California, same time as CME/ENERGY WAVES is to hit us. Then there is ANOTHER SIGN in the heavens that may not mean anything, but is very interesting as to the times we are in and more…


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