Best & Taylor Flash Update For 10-17-2017 – War Anytime


Tonight on Night Shadows At 7:00 PM CDT

What Is Going On Here Is Not Exactly Clear


The last days are sort of a mystery as we attempt to find out the PLANS OF THE DEEP STATE and the timing of the Lord’s clock as it pertains to the Tribulation Period and what that means for the Christians – meanwhile, more and more people are claiming they are seeing (and photographing), what appears to be strange orbs in the sky. People are also reporting the sun & moon are rising and setting in areas not normal for the time of the year, yet scientists mock them. Then we have strange fires in California that can only be generated by particle or laser beam weapons. One video shows a strange beam of light coming down from the skies and then a massive explosion and firestorm begins. We also have the Trump mystery and why are not “the swamp people” behind  bars already, as the evidence of criminal behavior is all over the place? Then we have WARS and RUMORS OF WARS, Kimmy the Wiz Kid and his treats go on and on but nothing happens. If you are not already prepared to ride out two to three months without having to go to the store, you will be in dire trouble!!