While the church preaches their false salvation song, and Satan dances on our Churches, and while Masonry sings their last death song, we find chaos reigns and peace and joy have left the planet to try and find some intelligent life somewhere else in the Universe.

Wisdom and Understanding have left their dugouts as well, while the fans cheer their favorite idols on. The fires from below will soon be the cookouts of tomorrow land as the Lord divides the sheep from the goats.

The band plays on and the people cheer and have no clue whatsoever as the Lord says “GAME OVER, CHECKMATE.” The modern-day Sons of Korah dance on the heads of their fellow deceived Christians while stealing from them their estates, their money and their salvation. They too are blissfully unaware of the huge rift that is about to swallow them up as in the ancient past. However, it is what it is, and it was all designed that way.

From the inception of the concept of a physical universe in the mind of the Lord, it was all known how it would go down, thus Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end.  The future knows, and you cannot do it over.

Haughty hearts and arrogance hold sway over a fallen humanity, unaware that anything is wrong, because, after all, it has always been this way, you know, wars, rumors of war, tribal infighting, power plays, conspiracies, murders, tortures, rapes, thefts, but there is nothing wrong with mankind. And so it goes.

October and early November are the end of the HARVEST. So it is at Mandalay Bay, for the harvest there was a Satanic occult ritual and a warning to the mid-American people who, as Obama said, “Cling to their religion and their guns.”

Of course, the far left sprang into action over the blood of the victims as they cheerfully explained that guns cause violence, but fallen people do not, thus take the guns. But then again, a baseball bat can be used as a weapon, so we need to take away all baseball bats. Then again kitchen knives can be used as well, so we need to ban all kitchen knives, frying pans, and other sharp items. Then again, chairs can be picked up and used to kill someone, so we must ban all chairs in the home as well, OR nail them down in the house so they can’t be moved.

Soon, in this total insanity, a new business will be born, much like the totally insane RADON foolishness, where you get to pay someone $3000 for a radon removal suction system that only sucks your money away from you. It is all done because you might possibly get cancer from this invisible killer and so cancer rates keep on growing even though stupid leaders have now forced the installation of millions of radon removal units. A huge industry that does nothing whatsoever. SCARE TACTICS.

This new business, however, that will cost homeowners billions of dollars, will consist of safe installation of unmovable chairs secured to the floor to prevent people from hitting their spouses, neighbors, possibly even their siblings and other rude young folks over the head and killing them. Next will come a requirement that everyone must wear government approved mittens that are so cumbersome it prevents everyone from picking up anything to destroy anyone.

This will then lead to our government ordering that everyone must wear helmets to avoid being hit by the heavy mittens.  Then of course, to prevent all of that, everyone must be confined to a chair and government workers will be required to feed everyone two meals a day, but only after you have sworn an oath promising “peace and security” or something like that.

Only government workers will be exempt from all of this because they need to be able to swat, hit, bash, kick, mutilate and kill, as they will have a “license to kill” anyone without explanation. And the stupid American public will accept all of this because it is for their own good.

Next of course will come sleeping pills, the same used in our insane facilities and warehousing of the elderly, and then of course will come the Soylent Green pills for anyone over 45. You realize of course that this will bring more workers to make sure you do not spit out those pills when administered. Always remember the government motto “What one can do well, we need 10 to do it better”.

Not long ago I was in the hospital for a hip replacement. The Doc said it was the worst hip he had even seen. I don’t know if he mounted it in his office or not. But I do know that one of these so-called doctors that are sort of “in hospital” types tried to force all kinds of pills on me, as I was, I guess, about to die if I did not take them. I refused, and that led to further diatribes as to why I needed to comply lest I be listed for round-up and taken to the local FEMA re-education camp. So I escaped out the fire escape with the help of the nurses. Peace and Security, Love and Joy.

Reminds me of the Joy Camps of our sweet and gentle Hillary, the turtle dove of peace and security”, who said that all adults will need to be taken to these camps for “educational” purposes. Right out of the communist playbook and no one said a word. After all, to be educated into PEACE, JOY, BLISS, with total happiness and learning all about the Prince and Power of the Air, the god of this world is all one needs.

You will be re-educated to the facts that Hillary is the most gentle, loving and peaceful woman on this planet. Perhaps we should all follow her example and speed up the end game to oblivion. What say you?

So welcome to INSANITY PLANET, come in, sit down and enjoy yourselves. Have some denial tea and rest your bones. Don’t mind those shackles that just came out and locked you down. Don’t mind the mittens. Don’t mind the Soylent Green pills. Soon you will be in in total la-la land where nothing matters except your joy and bliss. That is, you will learn that pain is joy, sorrow is happiness, suffering is pleasant and so it goes. QUIT COMPLAINING.

Johnny Cash had a song called “Parkview” which was about an insane asylum. I think we are all in PARKVIEW, and maybe Jesus will come, and maybe He won’t soon. But in any event, keep watching, and don’t let Planet Insanity get you down while you watch the skies. He said He would return, and said for us to watch. KEEP WATCHING.

Soon Planet Insanity will be swinging to and fro, dancing to the tune of “My ways are not your ways, and my thoughts are higher than your thoughts”, a hit in the heavens as the angles sing for Babylon.

Planet Insanity is a SECRET THING. Why? Because the people that live on it think everything is normal. Nothing is wrong whatsoever. It is the way it is. Anyone saying different REALLY IS INSANE, right?






  1. June, very good comment. In many ways I agree. We saw part 1 of revelation 12: the woman, now we wait to see the second part, the “wonder”: red dragon. Then we should know and be listening for the “last” trump blast from the Lord. I believe the “last” trumpet is spiritual and not physical. Or I should say, man’s trumpet. The Lord’s trumpet will be mankind/earth’s “last”trumpet sound…and then destruction and sorrow for dwellers.


  2. I’m thinking that these signs are just that, not the actual events these signs are pointing to. All the signs will come to fulfillment according to God’s timing. Whether a feast day or not. However we do have a time coming up this Friday the 13th, that has interesting implications, at least in my opinion This being the additional (8*th) day of feast of tabernacles. This day is only mentioned once in Lev. 23:39 “Also in the 15th day of the seventh month when you have gathered in the fruit of the land, you shall keep a feast unto the Lord seven days; on the first day shall be a sabbath, and on the eighth day shall be a sabbath. This is the only mention of this 8th day. In Hebrew the day is called Shemini Atzeret = the assembling of oneself unto God, intimately. More from this at this site https://annamatrix.wordpress.com/2013/09/27/shemini-atzeret-eighth-day/ I also find it interesting that on the 13th of October Jupiter completes it’s progression of going out from the legs of Virgo just below her womb as a human baby normally does. It seems to me to be about the right time for the dragon to go after the man-child and caught up, whatever that happens to really mean. Seems like a good time to start the great tribulation, as well when reading over the rest of Rev 12. I know all of these signs were for us to see the lateness of the hour and indeed it is very late. These signs point to what is soon coming. We must continue to be diligent in keeping our focus on Him whether this Friday anything occurs or not, He is faithful whether we understand or not. I, for one, am looking up every day for the duration of my physical life, as I know these signs are real and I have had so much confirmation for these signs, none is by coincidence. Seems like this time has been for the weeding out of the tares from the wheat or goats from sheep. Many were fully on the band wagon as long as all was went according to their plan of what they thought would happen, once it did not they either fell back to sleep, became a scoffer or as we all should, continue to believe He is true and all else are liars.
    Also i think that when Donald trump said “The calm before the Storm” this is prophetic statement of what is about to occur very soon which is the commencement of the tribulation. Let the Spirit and the Bride say ,Come!


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