Best & Taylor Flash Update – Hurricane & Earthquake Watch, Mothman, Vegas Lies

Tonight on NIGHT SHADOWS 7:00 PM CDT

Earth Changes, More Mothman Sightings and Mississippi Anomalies and More


Vegas anomalies run very deep and it appears that this really was a false flag operation and major media is pulling out all the stops to cover all of this over. America is under siege in many ways, with more hurricanes on the way, fires in the West, and the Mighty Mississippi is drying up rapidly when there was no drought, which means that the water may have found its way into a rift. The location of this anomaly is around the New Madrid fault line. This may mean that this is a precursor to a major quake in the Midwest. Mothman sightings are on the increase in the Chicago area. Many people say the sun and moon have shifted which means a possible slight shift in the tilt of the Earth, something Inuit Elders have long said. The Trump coup is now almost complete, if not totally complete and Deep State is now firmly in control. Wars & rumors of war. North Korea getting ready for more nuke & missile tests.