Best & Taylor Update – The LAST Trump On Atonement, Israel & The Gainsayer Lies

Tonight on Night Shadows – 7:00 PM CDT 


Are We In A Quiet Before The Storm? Atonement & No Repentance

The days are now closing on the ability of America-Babylon to repent before the Lord before judgments begin in earnest and will most likely not be postponed much longer. Instead of repentance, the American people are going deeper and deeper into madness, and the Lord is being proved correct when He said America was MAD UPON THEIR IDOLS, and FOOTBALL appears to be the first thing pointed out by the Lord with all of this controversy. Nothing could have been more obvious to anyone watching that the solar eclipse was a warning to America to REPENT OR PERISH. The American people, comatose to anything Biblical have chosen to perish, so we only await THE METHOD of this destruction. Jeremiah says America would not be healed, would not repent, but do exactly what she is doing right now. The gainsayers concerning 9-23 are out in full force, fulfilling prophecy to the letter. God gave Noah a SEVEN DAY WARNING. Jesus said that AS IT WAS, SO SHALL IT BE. The 9-23 STAR SIGN may well have been our SEVEN DAY WARNING and the MIDNIGHT CRY. Time will tell as it always does. Israel is now in the Lord’s cross hairs and most likely has entered into her last seven years.