Rough Seas Ahead – Do Not Mock


The world is headed into very high seas, with the sea and waves roaring!! Hang on, its going to be a tough ride for many!! Notice the number of the Ship!!

9-23-2017 – Iran fires a missile, Kim lights off a nuke, North Korea speaks to the UN and threatens the United States. More Earthquakes, and Jose &  Maria may join together and strike the United States as well- rough weather ahead, perhaps a PERFECT STORM.

Scotty Clark has come out with a new video concerning the 9-23-2017 sign and his attitude is the correct attitude to have, but there is little doubt that just as in the salvation doctrine of today, people never seem to speak of the caveats that were included in the discourses of most who were warning of the 9-23-2017 date on YouTube.

Now the gainsayers have come forth, mocking those who warned that the 9-23 date was it, the end of the world was here, even in major media. Lies and more lies to discredit the Christian faith and the prophecies of the Bible. Major media is among those that can be classified in truth as FAKE NEWS.


So once again, it appears that most within the church are mockers and scoffers, fulfilling the remarks of Peter, and these mockers offered ONLY ONE valid argument to present to their fellow Christians that the Lord could not return now because antichrist had not yet appeared, and therefore it was just hoopla for nothing. But was it? There is ample proof that the word apostasy does mean a DEPARTURE as well. But does that departure have to occur on 9-23? Does it have to occur on a Feast of Trumpets? Not really, it is a supposition based upon good facts and arguments, but once again, it is based upon interpretation of Scripture.

Remember where it says “study to show yourself approved?” The more you study, the more insight you have, and the more you put things together – it is an ongoing process, and so when folks put new things out there, why would any sincere Christian MOCK IT?  And many who are mocking obviously have not studied very much or they would know better. I mean some of these mockers are telling everyone NOT TO LOOK INTO THE HEAVENS FOR THE SIGNS, a direct contradiction to the Lord!!

Remember Jesus told us that He was coming at an hour we think not. He was speaking to His people. They would all know about the 7 Feasts of the Lord, and when He added at a day and hour no one knows, one would think He was speaking of Trumpets. But maybe not – maybe He was thinking of another day, not even a Feast Day at all!


There has never been so many pointers to a specific date as the area of time from 9-20 through 9-30 of this year – perhaps just a WAKE-UP CALL, a sort of MIDNIGHT CRY to remind a comatose Church to WAKE UP. Instead they mocked it. There is little question that from the eclipse to Atonement is 40 days, and the SIGN OF JONAH. America is getting hammered.  America and the world has been pounded with Earth Changes since 8-21-2017. SOMETHING IS IN THE WIND. Now I want to go back to Scotty Clark, for this is an interesting concept that we are ONE DAY OFF.

Back in 2015, we had the SANDSTORM that delayed everything for two years, moving the 9-23 date to 9-23-2017. There is no question in my mind that the elite were totally positive that was the beginning of their long awaited TAKE-OVER of the world. Hillary was assured she would become President, and people like George Soros told the world SHE WOULD BE. Major media told the world she would be. The communist coup was ready to be finished under Hillary. But during those two years, Trump becomes President and the left went totally berserk because of Trump.

This year, Trumpets was supposed to start on 9-20-2017 according to their set calendar system, but the new moon was not sighted until the 21st, concluding on 9-23-2017 beginning. Thus, a one day delay. Is it possible that this ONE DAY delay represents either a ONE DAY or ONE YEAR DELAY?

If this ONE DAY DELAY represents EXACTLY THAT, and the STAR SIGN appears to be a MORE ACCURATE rendering, because of that ONE DAY DELAY, which it appears to be, what then? This is where it gets interesting, for if the 24th is the correct day for this STAR SIGN, then we would have from the 21st, the first sighting of the new moon and the start of trumpets, our THREE DAYS IN THE BELLY OF THE FISH and the SPITTING OUT OF JONAH on the 24th!


Twenty four in Scripture represents the Priesthood, another name for the Church.  Further, the moon actually is not only UNDER HER FEET, it is in LIBRA, and that constellation represents JUDGMENT, of SCALES, exactly what happens in the Rapture of the Church. There is the Judgment of Matthew 7 and the rejection of millions of Christians, and there is the BEMA SEAT judgment of the real Christians.

In the Revelation 12 concept, Satan goes after the remnant of the woman’s seed. That means the MAIN BODY HAS ALREADY LEFT, because remnant means those LEFT AFTER THE MAIN BODY AS GONE.

So is it possible that everyone thinks nothing is going to happen when in reality we may go on 9-24-2017? The Lord works in mysterious ways, and the gainsayers are laughing and saying, “see, we told you so, only to be caught in a TRAP and appointed their portion with the hypocrites and unbelievers!! Time will tell as it always does!! No one knows for sure when or how all of this will play out – but one thing is certain, Christ is AT THE DOOR, and could OPEN ANY TIME NOW.

The other option is that the 1 day delay represents a ONE YEAR DELAY and the rapture could occur on 9-11 of next year, as it is the time of the last trump. In any event OCCUPY, WATCH and pray always you be accounted worthy to stand before the Son of Man and escape these things.

The Lord is telling us that from TODAY, the world is headed into VERY ROUGH SEAS!! KEEP WATCHING, IGNORE THE GAINSAYERS, AND WE WILL ALL BE HOME VERY SOON!!