Best & Taylor Update – 9-18-2017 – No Repentance, & 9-23 Mystery Deepens.


Harvey, Irma, Maria, and What Doe It Take To Wake Up America?

First Harvey, then Irma and now along comes Maria and the projected path does not look good for the Southland. At the same time there are other “whirlwinds” developing and who knows how many more “hits” will come upon America-Babylon before she falls. Then we Kim the “Rocket Man”, as Trump has called him, and what he will do next. Do not rule out a surprise nuclear attack or an EMP attack – remember the Dark Sky operations – but if ever there was a time to be VERY ALERT and PREPARED, that time is now!! It seems as well that Trump is being betrayed on all fronts, and Obama is giving a world-wide speech 33 days after Atonement in Chicago. Things are getting strange all over the world as we approach this Feast Of Trumpets!!

Will the rapture of the Church occur on the 22-23-24th of September? Lots of gainsayers out there saying all of this speculation out there is total nonsense and is bringing a bad reputation upon the Church, which, by the way, already as a bad reputation, so how could it get any worse? It has also set brother against brother in Christ and the anger and tension grows by the day. Those promoting the concept of a rapture in the next week or so do have a lot of evidence to present, and the gainsayers arguments thus far have presented little evidence to prove otherwise. TIME WILL TELL…