Best & Taylor Update – The 9-23 Mystery, Kim, Time Travel, Mothman & Israel

Tonight on Night Shadows 7:00 PM CDT

The 9-23 Sign Mystery Deepens, Time Travel, Kim & War, America’s No Repentance & More…




Tonight’s show will focus on the paranormal aspects of the number 9-23 that is now showing up everywhere along with the mysterious number 33 and 333. What does all of this mean to us as we watch what is going on in the Earth and the cosmos.

Why is the occult so sure something very big is going to happen either on 9-23 or shortly after? Are we going to see a series of events” Will Planet-X or the Destroyer show itself on that date?Will there be an unknown eclipse on Feast of Trumpets as a major warning to Israel?

More Bible Codes about the Deep State and who they really are by name!! Trump is NOT mentioned as being DEEP STATE. Is Trump here, as Cyrus was, TO OVERTHROW or OVERTURN the DEEP STATE, and be involved in the rebuilding of the Temple on the Temple Mount?

How is it that the powers that be can so accurate in their portrayals of coming disasters? How were they able to depict the TWIN TOWERS hit with so much accuracy as to where the two aircraft would hit? Time travel? Have they solved the issue? And much more…

2017-09-10_16-55-39THE EMBEDDED 9-23 IN MOTHMAN PROPHECIES 1+8 = 9 THEN 2&3 (9-23)



7 thoughts on “Best & Taylor Update – The 9-23 Mystery, Kim, Time Travel, Mothman & Israel

  1. Is it possible that the midnight cry could be the resurrection of the dead on trumpets? And that is also our 7 day warning? The dead rise First. Then we who are alive. It does not say at the same time. And the feast of trumpets will still be fulfilled. That takes us who are alive to Sept. 30 atonement. Luke 11 a friend of mine in his journey at midnight went to his friends house for 3 loaves of bread. Father. Son. Holy ghost. But the door was SHUT to heaven. Even though this poor man was his friend. It was because of his Knocking over and over on the door that he was allowed into the kingdom. The wide and foolish virgins awake first. The dead. Midnight cry! 7 day warning? Trumpets fulfilled. Then we who are alive 7 days later?


    • You have a very good point Art. Importunity; a great parable for those of us on the way. Funny, Luke 11:9 comes right after it as a reinforcement not to give up; we will be rewarded for enduring unto the end. I pray you are correct in your analysis. Thanks for sharing it.


  2. Sept. 15, 2017 : The time is near when no man may work. Prepare your heart, for the taking of the bride is at hand. I tell you I come as a thief to those who are not watching, to those unprepared. My people have been in bondage long enough and their cries, and their blood have reached heaven. The hour approaches when no man may work, or be able to rightly divide the times they are in. It comes as a snare to the unrepentant, the backsliders and the lukewarm. Fire shall purify the weak that they shall be made strong. Fire from heaven, fire on the earth, flames of my Holy Spirit. Do not ask tomorrow what you can ask for today. This is the day my saints of God have waited for. They never stopped watching, they never went back to sleep. Arise my true beloved..for my banner over you is love. I shall gather you from the four corners of the earth, and you shall meet me where heaven has no end. Peace be still. The gathering of my people is happening. Natalie S. Fresno, CA.

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    It seems Stewwart is one of the few focusing on these topics (altho some others may focus on one of them). I believe this will be a very interesting “show”.


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