I’m OK and You’re OK and There’s Nothing Wrong With Humanity


“Hello?” Is Anyone There? Anyone?”

“This Is Earth, this is Earth! Is Anyone Out there? Anyone?”

“This Is Earth, can anyone help us? Anyone?”

“This is Earth, we are under attack, can anyone help us? Is anyone out there?”

The lone voice faded into nothing. All was silent.


It seemed that humanity failed to grasp an obvious truth, right under their noses. Tribal warfare, high tech weapons. The kids have found the matches, they rose up and destroyed the Earth. But they all said there was nothing wrong. “We are not fallen, we are all OK”.

The evil of them banded together and forged a New World Order utopia for themselves. They murdered millions in the process. They shed the blood of those in the womb, then the elderly, then the infirmed, then all those who did NOT agree with them. The amount of blood on the hands of the rich men of the Earth, the kings and rulers, could not be counted. But there was nothing wrong with them. They were OK, we are all OK, and we are not fallen.

They developed weapons of all types, chemical, biological, nuclear, weather, earthquake, volcano and tsunami machines. They used them as they saw fit, killing millions in a huge rich man’s culling effort. They even engraved it on rocks. Proudly, they called it the new Ten Commandments. The people round about knew them as the Georgia Guide Stones, but thought nothing about it, even though it meant they too would be killed off. The cold-blooded murder of 6 billion people engraved on those stones by the rich men raised nary an eyebrow. But there was nothing wrong with them. We are OK, we are not fallen.

The rich enslaved and then robbed and murdered the masses of the world, but said “there is nothing wrong with us, the stupid masses deserved what they got, we had to kill them to save the Earth, we did nothing wrong, we are OK…”

There was a book written long ago that the rich men hated with a passion because it identified them and warned humanity about them but no one paid any attention. The rich men had their way with humanity and no one apparently took the book seriously enough, because there was nothing wrong with them. “I’m OK, and Your OK, and there is nothing wrong with humanity, we are not fallen, we are OK.” And so it went for thousands of years.

The Creator of the Earth looked down upon the children of men seeking to find anyone who would admit that possibly there was something seriously wrong with humanity, and was searching out the answer to that question. Them He helped, and finally, just before the end, He began to give them signs in the heavens. These signs came over the years, each one building upon another. He gave them signs on the Earth. They also built one upon another, so there could be no mistake as to their meaning. Only a few took them seriously, the others, who even knew about them, mocked and scoffed as those giving warnings. He suddenly came and took His own to a special place He had prepared for them. At the time of their removal, SUDDEN DESTRUCTION came upon the whole Earth.

The rest of humanity could have risen up against the rich men, and could have stopped it, but refused. They allowed a handful of evil men to not only destroy them, but Earth as well. And so it was, because I am OK and you are OK, and nothing is wrong with us, and we are not FALLEN. I am OK and you are OK, not to worry…

“Hello? This is Earth, we are under attack, a sudden attack! Hello, can anyone help us? Is there anyone there? Hello? Hello? This is Earth…”






8 thoughts on “I’m OK and You’re OK and There’s Nothing Wrong With Humanity

  1. My mother use to always say “I’m okay, the world’s all wrong”. She never understood none of us are okay and now she’s gone…

    Thank you as always Stew for continuing to speak the truth. You are a good and faithful servant. Stay strong, it’s almost time to go home.

    All my love – D


  2. All 7 feast days must be fulfilled to the letter. Will the feast of trumpets be fulfilled by the rapture? If not, what is the fulfillment of the trumpets? Anyone?


    • Well Art I do know that the 4 blood moons were right on passover and tabernacles. So that means our calendars are not off. Which means the rapture will be on the feast of trumpets. Is it this year? All the evidence points to 2017.

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      • God love you Art. You and mrmosiaciman always make me smile. Wish I had a better answer for you. See you on the other side if not before.


  3. The earth dwellers are here and now. The Lord’s people, thinking that they are in covenant are/have become as the earth dwellers. Thinking that they are circumscribed, they aren’t. Take a look at Jeremiah 8 and 9. 8:20 stands out and 9:25-26 is in view. The New Covenant was/is offered, but few are in it. The WAY, THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE dispels the veil over the fallen, so as to bring clarity as to the true state of affairs. Those in covenant, speaking the TRUTH are regarded as crazy by those who are not. And so it is at this point until……..


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