Mothman Two – More Sightings – Something Is Coming To Chicago – UPDATE


Mothman Two – More sightings – Something Is Coming To Chicago – UPDATE


More and more sightings of the strange paranormal MOTHMAN have been seen in and around the Chicago, Illinois area. I firmly believe that these sightings coincide with a coming major disaster that will involve the Midwest area of America-Babylon and will be centered on Chicago, Illinois.

Do you remember the Point Pleasant, WV, bridge collapse just before Christmas? Are we going to see a repeat? So far there appears to be 46 or more verified sightings according to the latest collection of reports:


Notice that these sighting appear to be on the WEST SIDE going west. The vision of Mr. Youngbrandt said that the lake TSUNAMI went to the WEST and joined the Mississippi. Obviously, the south side of Michigan would also go down towards the New Madrid fault zone as well, and this inland tsunami would be obliterating anything in its path.


These sightings have continued through the summer and into early fall now. Is this a demonic EVIL OMEN of this coming Mega-Quake? It appears to be following the same pattern as other disasters. It was said that in the the I35 bridge collapse in Minneapolis, MN has Mothman sightings just before it went down. There are many other such reports from around the world. There were a number of reports of Mothman before the I35W bridge collapse in Minneapolis, MN.  Here is one report of this:

private msg
June 4th, 2013 – 5:24pm – from  

The bridge collapse was in the summer of 2008. We had a large creature in our back yard that can only be described as the mothman, but it was the winter of 2006. The creature was seen again in Andover on the bank of the Rum River at dusk in 2007. Again the same creature was seen way up high on a industrial smoke stack on the same block as my business in 2008 right before the collapse. Two sightings were only blocks apart. Those two sightings were very late at night, one at around 1:00 AM and the other around 2:00 AM. All three sightings had more then one witness. I was not one of the witnesses, however, I was very aware something was not right on my property that night winter of 2006. I came home late at midnight, which wasn’t typical of me. I stayed up watching TV, lights on to unwind. After some time around1:00 AM I felt a very eerie feeling come over me. I had the strong impression that I was being watched. So strong was the feeling, that I immediately reached over and turned out the light. I had a window with no shade in the room I was in. I then even got up, went to the kitchen and turned out that light too, wanting it to be completely dark inside. I then resumed watching tv, feeling better.



Back to the Quake-Tsunami visions:

“…I turned to the Lord and asked Him when all of this would happen. I was given a vision of the number 17, made up of what looked like fluffy white clouds…” (Could this mean 2017 and the white clouds be the rapture event? Remember Jesus returns in the CLOUDS for His Bride, and does not touchdown on Earth until 2014 or so).

“…we know that Chicago will be the center of an earthquake that will have an approximate destructive radius of 300 miles—we believe it will be the worst earthquake in recorded human history, second to none in destructiveness. The cities that will be flattened by this earthquake will be Chicago, Illinois, St. Paul, Minnesota, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, St. Louis, Missouri, Louisville, Kentucky, Indianapolis Indiana, Detroit, Michigan, Toledo, Ohio, Cleveland, Ohio, Columbus, Ohio, Cincinnati, Ohio and Kansas City, Missouri. Southern Ontario, Canada, and parts of southwestern Quebec, Canada, will be obliterated by the waters of the Great Lakes as they “backwash” and just before they return as a wall (of water) over Chicago and other areas…” Mr. Youngbrandt.


He then says that a very loud “cracking” sound will be so loud it will be heard as far away as Denver, Colorado!! Larry Taylor said he heard a loud SNAP when America is divided into two parts.

LOOK FOR THE SOON TO COME DIVISION OF JERUSALEM AND ISRAEL INTO TWO PARTS in the upcoming PEACE ACCORDS being hammered out right now in the Middle East. When that happens, America will be split into TWO PARTS, and this Chicago quake may be PART OF THAT SPLIT.

A look at fault zones shows that there are number of zones around that area, and no one knows how they are connected to the New Madrid zone. Scientists are constantly finding new fault lines in areas where they thought there were none.



Inasmuch as it appears that the Lord is using TWO calendars in all of this, and inasmuch as Israel is moving into their 2018 on 9-23, a key pivot over to Daniel’s 70th week at that time, it is possible that OUR 9-23 will be December 31st, 2017, and OUR PIVOT DATE will be then? No one know with 100% certainty, but do not be disappointed in 9-23-2017 goes by us and we are all still here. I doubt we go beyond 2017 before the HARVEST WILL HAVE BEGUN.

There is no question, with all of the SIGNS given to us that there is a 99% certainty that the AGE OF GRACE IS OVER AS OF 9-22-2017, but the Lord, in His mercy may delay it all slightly for the LAST OF THE GENTILES BE COME IN, as Paul warns us. Whatever you wish to believe, the SIGNS TELL US that it is NOW OVER for all practical purposes, and we await ONLY the final CHURCH AGE PEOPLE TO COME IN. From the movie “Mothman Prophecies” notice the 9:11:


Are all of these movies trying to tell us something? You decide…



The TRUTH is ALWAYS stranger than fiction. That is why TRUTH is always rejected because TRUTH stabs deep into our comfort zones and we don’t like to face it.