Best & Taylor Update – Irma Category 7? North Korea Nukes & Prophecy


Hurricane Irma, Missiles Of October, Israel and War



America is now headed for disaster as the 40 days of repentance apparently are falling on totally deaf ears, as no one, it appears, will even consider the fact that Harvey, and now possibly Irma and also Lidia can bring America down on its knees. Reports of more killings of refugees are coming out of flood torn Huston and surrounding areas. North Korea continues to mock Trump and the West, exploding a hydrogen bomb designed to be an EMP weapon, the first time Kim has announced any EMP concept to the public, which means he already has it. Some talking heads are now asking where Kim is getting all of this technology from, something they should have asked a long time ago – folks, we are headed into judgment to see if America will REPENT. This is the last TRUMPET CALL to repent, and if she does not, down she will go. Israel and America are surrounded by enemies who want both destroyed, not realizing they will all go down with her. As 9-23 approaches, more trouble comes…










It is apparent, with all of the gainsayers are now coming aboard ridiculing and mocking those warning that the END OF THE CHURCH AGE, or AGE OF GRACE is here. They are coming out in force now, telling people this is just utter nonsense and that the so-called STAR SIGN of Revelation has nothing to do with the either the close of GRACE or the rapture of the Bride of Christ. Here is a recent comment showing you I mean:


“This Guy (Stewart) is so full of crap he should be on TBN and Daystar – he would fit right in with his pre-trib rapture doctrine he loves to promote. He never proves anything hardly and he gets most of his intel from youtube, what a joke. Nothing but fear porn on steroids mixed with speculation and twisted interpretations of scripture and eschatology. If you want REAL End Times Intel such as what 9/23 is REALLY about then listen to the True Prophets who HEAR FROM THE THRONE ROOM such as Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj and quit listening to these fear mongers who look more to numbers and stars than THE LORD JESUS for answers.”

Jesus commanded us to look at the STARS and also look to the timelines of Israel, or the numbers, for it is the Lord Himself that numbers the Bible for us today. Books, such “Biblical Mathematics” and others as well, showing how important these number really are and what they really mean. There is no law against being ignorant of truth, but it does have a huge payback when it is time to collect.

Follow who you will, but if I were you, I would really do some research on this Selvaraj, and put what he says against the Bible and you might have a different opinion. It is said many of his prophecies have been wrong and never came to pass. If true, then he is a false prophet.  Remember what Peter had to say! Because we have such apostasy, no one cares or even bothers to check out what is being said – go BACK TO YOUR BIBLE and do as commanded?


Now one could say that the warning of Peter that in the last days would come scoffers, mockers, saying where is the promise of His coming, can and must be applied to all of these gainsayers for that is what they are really saying.  Why? Because the SIGNS ARE EVERYWHERE, not only in the cosmos, but also on the Earth. The SIGNS are there, but the wisdom and understanding of them is not.

It is interesting that in the Book of the Kolbrin, which had a lot to say about the passage of the Destroyer long ago, and said that humanity did not have the wisdom or understanding to know what was coming upon them. Same today, as it was, so shall it be.

The cosmic signs have been rolling out in the past few years one after another, warning, warning and warning, and yet a large number of the larger prophetic ministries are mocking all of this, and continue to point to a FUTURE TIME, some saying YEARS AWAY before any return can be expected. The mainstream Church is sound asleep and has no knowledge that anything is different, and does not want to know even if it is!!

It is as though a man sat in a church, riddled with sin, and the preacher speaks to that man in a sermon that points directly to him, yet he refuses it and points to a neighbor instead. We call that DENIAL, and I think many of these larger ministries as going to be destroyed by what it is coming. There is coming rapidly, a GREAT SIFTING, a great separation of the REAL TRUTH from the FALSE. It is well underway and those seeking the real truth will be led to it by the Lord Himself.

I remember a phone call I received many a year ago from one I did not recognize, nor did they give their name. The voice said the Lord had told her to call me and gave me most interesting message that as of now has all come true. It dwelt with the judgment of Babylon. We are now at the final phase of all of it. I was told to TELL THE HARD TRUTH, omit NOTHING, and WARN THE PEOPLE. I have attempted, in some small way, to do as commanded. Two things I am hated for:

  1. The Salvation Message Warning
  2. That America IS Babylon The Great, and was going to be destroyed, not healed.

My message on SALVATION and what was to come has not only been refused and ignored, it will now come down upon the heads of the American Christian, who appear to be blind to what is going on all around them. You are all about to be either rescued or destroyed. We are all sinners, and we all fall horribly short of what the Lord would have hoped for us. We are in DENIAL, we are all in UNBELIEF. Yet for all of that, the Lord will show mercy to the FEW (The Wheat) but not to the MANY (The Tares).

We cling to our normalcy, our rituals, and we do not want anything to CHANGE. This is the foundation, I believe, of all of this mocking and scoffing. Where is the promise of His coming? We see nothing here, it is all yet future. I have been fighting this for years and years. NEVER TODAY, NEVER US, ALWAYS IN THE FUTURE, ALWAYS SOMEONE ELSE!!

This 9-23-2017 date has been mocked. They will find out it should not have been. While we may not know everything that date means, we will soon be finding out. The Lord is the master mathematician, who created the entire creation by mathematics. He is running it all BY THE NUMBERS. Why do you not wonder how it is that the Illuminati always sign their evil works, like the Twin Towers take down, Oklahoma City, and others  BY THE NUMBERS?  It is because the CHILDREN OF THE NIGHT are SMARTER THAN THE CHILDREN OF THE DAY.

Why is it that the majority of the Church, including a good percentage of prophetic ministries, do not seem to recognize what is going on, when the children of the NIGHT know EXACTLY what is happening?

How is it that THE CHILDREN OF DARKNESS, have spent BILLIONS OF DOLLARS on movies, TV shows, cartoons, books, magazines, and advertising all pointing to 9-23-2017? What do they know that the Church is apparently comatose to?


Why is it that the CHILDREN OF DARKNESS are warning their own and the world THAT EVERYTHING WILL CHANGE ON 9-22-23-2017, and spending a fortune to do it? Is it a possibility that THEY KNOW, because they HAVE EYES TO SEE, and YET ARE BLIND, that there is an OMEGA POINT for the Church?  That they cannot wait to get their hands on those LEFT BEHIND to rid the world of God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit along with the remnant left behind? Exactly as Revelation 12 says?

The use of the word REMNANT is an interesting choice of words, telling us that the MAIN BODY OF THE LORD’S PEOPLE must be gone. The word remnant MEANS those LEFT OVER, a small group that for whatever reasons did not go in the RAPTURE OF THE CHURCH.

All of the mainstream Hollywood movies, like DEEP IMPACT and ARMAGEDDON, are showing a massive meteor storm and comet IMPACT events just as in Revelation, of a world gone mad with floods, and total chaos of the climate, as in the movie “DAY AFTER TOMORROW”, WITH A CODED 9-23!!. Then we have big production movies like “Independence Day’ , showing dates for the ARRIVAL OF THE FALLEN ONES?


Movie after movie these dates are shown over and over again. Why are THEY SO SURE OF THEMSELVES, while the Children of the LIGHT are so unsure, no one is blowing the Trumpet for the Christians? Maybe that is why God must bring a MIDNIGHT CRY Himself to wake up the comatose Church!

Does one not understand that Satan knows prophecy, or else how would he know his time is short? So then, Satan’s children ALSO KNOW THEIR TIME IS SHORT, and have continually pointed to one date, and one date only?  They also know that they are now OUT OF TIME, and this is why the Children of Darkness have switched over to building advanced high-tech weapons in an attempt to defeat Christ at the TOUCHDOWN ON THE Mount of Olives.

Their movies, their TV shows, their cartoons all point to the VANISHING OF THE CHRISTIANS on a specific date – 9-23. What do they know the Church does not?  Why are they so adamant about it, put it right out there in full view of the people of the whole Earth, seemingly unafraid that they might be wrong, and yet not even an unsure blast of the Trumpets is coming from the Christian world? It is because the Children of Darkness are smarter than the Children of Light.

Why, for example, is Kimmy the Wiz Kid of North Korea posing next to one of his jet fighters with the number 239 on it, a 9-23? When the Lord told us that the children of darkness are smarter than the children of the light, He was not fooling. Here is Kim standing for a photo op next to a FIGHTER JET with a coded 9-23. Does the Church even remotely understand why 9-23 is on this aircraft?


Is this a “duh, I donno”?

How is it that if you take all of this, such as the Hoover Dam BREAKING, meaning the breaking of the water, and then giving BIRTH TO THE NEW WORLD ORDER, on a 9-23?


2015-08-24_21-56-50 How is it that in the Simpsons TV show clearly shows 9-23 next to a teleportation unit?


How is it Deep Impact that their so-called ARK OF SAFETY has a number on of 23? How is it that Independence Day BEGINS with a 9-23 in code? The movies of the children of darkness are going world-wide, announcing with a HUGE TRUMPET BLAST, GET READY, SEPTEMBER 23, 1917 is COMING, and the GREAT VANISHING will rid the world of those filthy, rotten Christians!

How is it that the Terminator movies all have 9-23 embedded codes? Does one not understand what TERMINATION MEANS? Does not Psalm Two say that the Kings and Rulers of the world want to terminate the Christians? WAKE UP, STOP DRINKING YOUR DENIAL TEA.




The point is, the Christian prophetic ministries are supposed to be the one WARNING the Church that the END IS HERE, the AGE OF GRACE is closing, and yet all we have is GAINSAYERS, mocking the ones who the Lord has risen up, that is, the NO BODIES, to warn the BIG GUNS!

Not to worry, for where is the promise of His coming, everything continues the same as the Fathers fell asleep! My advice? Listen to what the mathematics are telling you, for the Children of darkness know their mathematics far more than the comatose children of the light. Something HUGE IS COMING, and the children of darkness KNOW IT, but the children of the Light know it not.

And this:

“North Korea has only recently emerged as a major threat to the Western world, but a noted kabbalist predicted 22 years ago that the rogue nation would become the nuclear key to the final war of Gog and Magog. Now that politics have shifted, revealing the prophetic nature of the rabbi’s words, another look reveals a deeper, Biblical understanding of the threat that faces us today.

When Rabbi Levi Sa’adia Nachamanii gave a speech in 1994, one month before he died, he surprisingly warned that of all the threats to Israel, North Korea posed the most danger.

“Not Syria, not Persia (Iran), and not Babylon (Iraq), and not Gaddafi (Libya),” the rabbi said, naming Israel’s greatest threats at the time. “Korea will arrive here.”

And now you know why Kimmy the Wiz Kid had a picture of himself and his jet fighter with a coded 9-23. Psalm Two exempts NO ONE. THEY ARE ALL IN IT TOGETHER, even if they do not realize it. Do you see what is happening as we approach 9-23-2017?

Go figure..