Best & Taylor Update – 18 DAYS TO GO FOR 9-23

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Kimmy, Nukes, Trump, Threats, Warnings & Apostasy From the Truth!!

It is all coming together – one day, one week and one month at a time, from 1897 to 2017. From 1917 to 1967 and so on. The Creator has built this entire universe by the numbers, by mathematics in all its forms. And now we are closing in on 9-11 and 9-23, both numbers having great meanings to those paying attention and watching world events. North Korea is on the verge of another missile launch – taunting Trump & Company, like they are ASKING FOR A WAR, WANTS A WAR. So why would little Kimmy want a war when he knows he would be destroyed? The answer may be found in  Psalm Two where Kim and Trump are not exempt, which means we are watching a SCRIPT to bring in WW3, and then out of the burned up Phoenix comes the NEW WORLD ORDER, run by MYSTERY, and more…


3 thoughts on “Best & Taylor Update – 18 DAYS TO GO FOR 9-23

  1. This Guy is so full of crap he should be on TBN and Daystar – he would fit right in with his pre-trib rapture doctrine he loves to promote. He never proves anything hardly and he gets most of his intel from youtube, what a joke. Nothing but fear porn on steroids mixed with speculation and twisted interpretations of scripture and eschatology. If you want REAL End Times Intel such as what 9/23 is REALLY about then listen to the True Prophets who HEAR FROM THE THRONE ROOM such as Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj and quit listening to these fear mongers who look more to numbers and stars than THE LORD JESUS for answers


  2. Rabbi Levi Sa’adia Nachamanii gave a speech in a video dated Dec. 1, 1994, one month before he died. Nachamanii accurately prophesied the Six-Day War in 1967 and the Yom Kippur War in 1973, and the Golf war.
    He predicted 22 years ago that the rogue nation N. Korea would become the nuclear key to the final war of Gog and Magog. He warned that of all the threats to Israel, North Korea posed the most danger. “Not Syria, not Persia (Iran), and not Babylon (Iraq), and not Gaddafi (Libya),” the rabbi naming Israel’s greatest threats at the time. “Korea will arrive here” (Israel).

    Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj had a vision of Israel being attacked then the peace agreement came after. Jerusalem was Divided.

    Joel 3:2 “They have also divided up My land. ”
    Zechariah 14:2 “and the city shall be taken” and “half of the city shall go forth into captivity”
    Daniel 11:39 ” he” ” shall divide the land for gain”.


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