Best & Taylor Update – Wake Me Up When September Ends


The Destruction of America Has Begun – September Is Just The Beginning


Harvey has all but destroyed Houston, and now we have another huge storm that is developing in the Atlantic, and the tracks show (if it hits America), will hit land on 9-11,2017. Is this a manufactured storm? Is this storm going to be steered right into America, a one-two blow? Irma is a storm we all need to watch because of the timing that has been given it by most tracks – that is – ANOTHER 9-11, a number that has been showing up all over the place. It is also very likely that we will see a MAJOR EARTHQUAKE or a VOLCANIC eruption, or perhaps both. Along with all of this, the POLICE STATE is forming right under our nose, with Trump giving the nod to our local police departments to be given military equipment for the coming police state, and also the first bites of NO WARRANT SEARCHES OF YOUR HOMES. It is all coming together under the TRUMP’S “LAW & ORDER” agenda and the people will DEMAND IT. We can only wait and watch to see where this goes, and we only 21 days (777) to the 9-23 STAR SIGN and possible removal of the Church and more…