Badda Book, Badda Boom & The Breaching of Columbia

Badda Book, Badda Boom & The Breaching of Columbia


Most of you for sure have seen the TV ad which appears to be total gibberish when the guy says “Badda Book, Badda Boom.”  As much information is passed to the Illuminati folks via these avenues, we decided to take a look. This phrase is actually trademarked and one might want to know why anyone would trademark a phrase that means nothing to the masses of people.

As we know how the Illuminati often hide things with their numbers, we wondered if this was some sort of CODE for those “in the know.” They often hide their numbers, and this is of course speculation but one wonders WHAT the meaning of this gibberish is.

BADDA using numbers of English letters is this B=2, A=1, D=4. So then we have 2+1+4+4+1. Of coursed that equals 12. But look again, for we have in CODE 4-11, 9-21 and 44. All of these numbers are very important to the elite.  4-11 is 44 or 11-11 and 11-11.  9-21 is the date of Trumpets – that is 9-21 begins it if they see the new moon.  What about the BOOK? What Book? The only one referring directly to Trumpets which happens to begin on 9-21 is the Bible. THE BOOK.

Now you may remember all the movies that came out in 2014-2015 concerning the 9-23 date along with 9-22 and 9-21, as though they were not sure THE DAY OR THE HOUR of Trumpets and the rapture of the Church (also seen in many movies, cartoons, TV and such).

Are they pointing to the rapture? Are they pointing to those who will hide themselves in their “rooms.” Interesting this ad is about FINDING A ROOM.

What about the second BADDA. Same thing applies, except now it is not a BOOK, it is a BOOM. Look up the definition of BOOM and you might get the concept that the TRIBULATION PERIOD BEGINS. Or, the Return of Jesus Christ for His Church may be a bit noisy if the concept of lightning becomes a reality. We could say the BOOM heard around the world, as Israel moves to 5778.  Just wondering, that’s all.


Second item we noticed was that Harvey’s dumping of over a trillion gallons of water caused a BREACH IN THE COLUMBIA LAKE LEVEE. In case you are not aware, COLUMBIA also refers to the UNITED STATES. In other words, America has been “breached.” You might remember that the SPACE SHUTTLE COLUMBIA with 7 crew members exploded over TEXAS, a warning to Texas and America that America was going to explode into pieces.

“Columbia” (/kəˈlʌmbiə/; kə-LUM-bee-ə) is a historical name used by both Europeans and Americans to describe the Americas, the New World, and often, more specifically, the United States of America.”


Now then we have Kimmy the Wiz Kid launching a missile over Japan. Let’s say that Japan is the COLUMBIA LEVEE, and that Kimmy Boy has BREACHED THE LEVEE with a MISSILE, telling us that America’s LEVEES, that is the Pacific, the Atlantic, Artic and Gulf levee protections are breached and we are no longer safe from our mortal enemies. It seems odd that these events are taking place at the SAME TIME, AS THOUGH THE Lord is telling America that she is now going to be judged, and that the Tribulation is about to begin. BADDA BOOK, BADDA BOOM or something like that, maybe. Who knows? They say the SHADOW is the only one that knows, but he isn’t talking right now.  9-11 through 9-30 are really days to be watching. I mean REALLY WATCHING.


Why would the levee be dry? Because it had been breached! Why did the good old boys say this was the day they died? Because it was AMERICA’S DOOM!!


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  1. Pope Francis is the 112th (final) pope in Malachy’s prophecies.

    “Badda Book, Badda Boom” = 112 in English numbering:

    “Badda Book, Badda Boom” in the English Ordinal system equals 112

    And 18 total letters, a 6+6+6…God knows…

    Thank you for the radio shows, God bless.


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