Harvey, Mothman, Illuminati & Judgment Cometh

From the time of the eclipse onward, we have had some very odd events taking place, some of which appear to be man-made and dovetail into the 9-23 concept and the concept of the GREAT RAPTURE EVENT.

We now have proof that some sort of very strange energy anomaly took place during the Harvey development which appears to be positive evidence that this was a man-made event via advanced weather warfare technology.


One must also keep in mind that as in 9-11-2001, the LORD allows “those who rise up against me and who destroy the Earth” to do their thing up to a certain point, and then he lowers the boom upon them. Also remember that judgment BEGINS at the House of the Lord, and then goes to the rest of the world. This was portrayed by Harvey first hitting Corpus Christi and then moving over to Houston, representing judgement first to the Body of Christ and then moving over to the secular world.

The people who die under Harvey will be nothing more than a Satanic sacrifice to the elite, something they gleefully look forward to in their massive depopulation plans as portrayed on the Deagel website:


What is interesting here is that the MOTHMAN sightings began in Chicago about a month ago, and have continued to this day, with many reports of sightings by different people. As in the MOTHMAN MOVIE with Greer, based upon the true account, the Mothman was a warning of a coming major catastrophic event – and low and behold, ALONG COMES HARVEY. The question is if HARVEY was the warning, or if another event will be coming soon in Chicago, Illinois.


Red Elk, a native American elder said he was given a vision of the future of the United States which appears to be coming true. One of the things he saw was a huge earthquake under Lake Michigan. The rift was so huge, that the land under the lake rose up hundreds of feet on the south side of the quake, pushing the water up into Canada and wiping out ANYTHING in its way, CREATING A HUGE INLAND TSUNAMI going North. Then the second quake hit, rising the NORTH SIDE of the lake so all the water was then pushed SOUTH, creating another inland tsunami that wiped out Chicago and all points south all the way to the gulf – wiping out all points south of Chicago and spreading out until it hit the Gulf. Get out a map and take a look.

Is the vision of Red Elk going to come to pass? No one knows, but much of what he has said has already happened – but that does not mean the rest will – so we wait, we watch, but know this, America is under Judgment, America is being softened up for the final blows to bring her down. America MUST GO DOWN for the New World Order to RISE UP as the Phoenix, the place where Trump made his speech for 72 (9) minutes and a city established 120 years ago, the same year the FOUNDATIONS FOR ISRAEL began!! Coincidence? I doubt it, for the NEW WORLD ORDER is the Phoenix Rising, a deception, a delusion. As I write this blog, President Trump arrives in Corpus Christi, TX and deplanes EXACTLY at 11:29 CDT or 11:11!! Is there any doubt now about what is going on?

From the eclipse, it appears that God has given America 40 days to repent and then the severe judgments will begin, not that Harvey is not a severe event, it is. But what is coming will be worse, much worse, as nature will be unleashed, war will soon be here, and America will vanish from the world scene, MIGHTY BABYLON THE GREAT will go down in nuclear flames according to Isaiah, Jeremiah, and Revelation.

Is there any repentance showing up? No, not any whatsoever. Trump repeated Obama and said of Harvey that we will rebuild, come back better and stronger. This is defiance and total non-recognition of what is now happening to America. It does not matter WHO DOES THESE THINGS, but the defiance is strong. Both Obama and Trump speak for the entire nation. a nation in denial, a nation in rebellion, a nation that is raising its fist against the Lord of Hosts. Not only that, if anyone mentions that 9-11 or Harvey, or Katrina were judgments they are mocked and ridiculed as being idiots, uncaring, unloving and should not ever be listened to. So it was, so it is…

Are we coming up on the rapture of the Church? It appears so, for Revelation 2 & 3 deals with all of the types of Churches and then they are not mentioned again. That seems to imply a CORPORATE RAPTURE EVENT, that is the entire BODY OF CHRIST, the MANCHILD of the Revelation 12 sign and elsewhere vanishes from the Earth.  There is no reason for the Church to be here while God turns to Israel just as He said He would.

It appears that is very hard for people to accept the fact (normalcy prevails), that there really is an END TO THINGS, AN OMEGA POINT. Everything is pointing to the GREAT PIVOT POINT OF 9-21 to 9-23 as a GREAT CHANGING POINT, and nothing will be the same from that date forward. We are in denial in one way another, because we are creatures of habit, of daily rituals, of normalcy, AND UNTIL AN EVENT HITS THAT DISRUPTS THAT, we cannot actually fathom the “change” and we all have this built in denial system that is hard to overcome.

We pray that everyone has prepared as best as they can and lay the rest at the Lord’s feet!!2016-10-07_14-08-23

Next, we have Kimmy the Wiz Kid fooling around with his missiles, launching an ICBM over Japan, further giving the finger to Trump & Co.  He says he is going to explode another nuke soon, and intelligence says he is busy preparing for it.

We know that the Illuminati have technology far exceeding nukes or missiles. So why hasn’t this weaponry (particle beam/laser weapons) and our SPACE COMMAND weapons, like the TR-3B’s been used to neutralize the threat? I believe we are watching a pre-written script, and part of that script is TIMING. The timing of all of this is in the Lord’s hand and I call it the GOD FACTOR. It will come, and it will be part of the GLOBAL CHAOS needed to bring in the “fallen ones” and the establishment of the New World Order. Stay tuned…

P.S – interesting that the dams/levees built were breached today – 8-29 or 2+9 = 11.