Harvey, it seems, has just begun as the devastation continues, the rains pounding Houston OVER AND OVER.

Nathan Leal made an interesting comparison to the glancing blow to Corpus Christi but has all but destroyed Houston, as though a warning to the Body of Christ that judgment is on the way for them, but that the WORLD at large is going to be destroyed for all practical purposes, and especially America.

Why America? Because America was at one time ruled a Christian Nation by the Supreme Court TWICE, and we had all the blessings of Deuteronomy 28, and Obama comes along and tells us the REAL TRUTH that we are NO LONGER A CHRISTIAN NATION as we sunk under the heavy curses for rebellion and disobedience. Let’s face it, America is a cesspool of iniquity.

People, it seems, are unable to comprehend there IS A GOD, and He will tolerate only so much iniquity, and then He judges it. This judgment comes upon His own people as well, no one escapes.

We all need to wake up to TWO FACTS:

  1. America is really under severe judgment and will NOT RECOVER, but will go down in flames, and WILL NOT BE HEALED over the next few years.
  2. The Church Age is all but OVER, and the end of the end for her is RAPTURE AND JUDGMENT, and if the pre-or-at tribulation Rapture is true, we will be gone in September sometime, if not 9-11, or 9-22-23, then soon after. If that theology is NOT TRUE, then it is anyone’s guess, for the Lord can DELAY anything He wants to delay. However, there appears to be NO REASON to delay any further, as America sinks deeper and deeper into Mystery’s agenda and rebellion, and that STAR SIGN is for Israel and she likewise is going to be severely judged.

Repentance is an unknown word for modern Christians, who believe if they clean up their act and “get right with God” and that constitute repentance. While a great idea to do SO, FOR CLEAN LIVING (LIKE THE ADVICE OF PROVERBS) leads to a smoother life, and God says “Be Ye Holy, For I am Holy”, but it has nothing to do with TRUE BIBLICAL REPENTANCE, because they have refused TO FIND CHRIST, STAND BEFORE HIM, BE JUDGED and THEN REPENT AND ACCEPT HIS DIVINE AGAPE IN PLACE OF THEIR OWN FAKE LOVES.

Folks, you can deny it any way you want, but it is all very easy to prove, it does not require any “interpretation” is only required ACCEPTANCE for what it says!!



2 Corinthians 7:8-10

For though I made you sorry with a letter, I do not repent, though I did repent: for I perceive that the same epistle hath made you sorry, though it were but for a season.

Now I rejoice, not that ye were made sorry, but that ye sorrowed to repentance: for ye were made sorry after a godly manner, that ye might receive damage by us in nothing.

10 For godly sorrow worketh repentance to salvation not to be repented of: but the sorrow of the world worketh death.


The American Christian does not know or understand GODLY SORROW because that can only come when one ENTERS THE STRAIT GATE and WALKS THE NARROW WAY THAT LEADETH UNTO LIFE, AND FEW THERE BE THAT FIND IT. Why only a few? Jesus says BECAUSE the way is hard, difficult, not pleasant and therefore people will not take up THEIR cross, and say “Jesus did it ALL for us, we have no need to pick up ANY CROSS, let alone OURS”, and you bring ANOTHER GOSPEL, it is an anathema to us, be gone, you false teacher…”

So Harvey means “BLAZING IRON” which sounds very prophetic that soon we will go through a major SMART ROCKS FROM HEAVEN ATTACK, that is a meteor storm unlike we have seen before, perhaps a comet that breaks up or just a whole group of SPACE ROCKS headed out way. It seems that it is an “anathema” to ever suggest God is judging America with Harvey. How dare anyone suggest such a thing, it is just a natural event of nature, nothing more.

The REBELLION CONTINUES – “we will come back, we will rebuild, we will be stronger…”





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  2. “America is a cesspool of iniquity.” you say?? Just because we’ve exported “bold movies” to the entire world, corrupted half the youth of S.E. Asia, are destroying young minds with video gaming, and are promoting Atheist Secular Humanism, “family planning” and endless lies about anything to promote that Satanic Agenda….it’s all innocent enough isn’t it? You don’t really BELIEVE all of this God stuff do you? Oh, I say, why IS it pouring with rain so much? [A few years ago I thought, ‘Jesus won’t come yet. Things aren’t bad enough.’ Now I look at the world and say, ‘It’s bad enough. Things can hardly get much worse. Human slavery in unimaginable numbers, Sexually transmissible diseases running like wild fire through many populations, poverty’s misery, Lawless terrorist fomented war, starvation, destruction of the vast oceans and atmosphere, and lunatics with Weapons of Mass Destruction. HOW can it get much more abominable than it is presently???]


  3. Thanks Stewart, saw Nathan’s piece, as well. Next up, earthquake in CA. After that WAR. I hope that it doesn’t happen. The CA quake will come out of nowhere as well, and shake people up. Demons have poured into TX.


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