GRACE vs. THE LAW and the GAINSAYERS– Part One


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It has concerned me that folks out there in the Christian world are so confused concerning GRACE vs. THE LAW. But then again, it is obvious that even the simplicity of the Cross is also a great enigma among the Lord’s People. So, I thought it might a good idea, as the AGE OF GRACE IS NOW CLOSING DOWN, that this be better understood.

We could start by asking if a leopard can change his spots? One supposes that he could go to a paint shop and get sprayed with a beautiful white dye – but underneath he is still a leopard, and he still has spots. Humanities DNA is what it is, and although we may be developing ways TO ALTER IT, it is still FALLEN HUMAN DNA. We are still human. Our FALLEN NATURE is what it is, and no matter how much you attempt to alter it, it is still there.

There is no way to escape our fallen nature. It is what it is. Please understand this, it is of vital importance to this issue of THE LAW vs. GRACE and the issue of AUTHENTIC and TRUE SALVATION vs. FAKE SALVATION. Humanity is, even if we do not like it, FALLEN. The Bible makes that VERY CLEAR over and over again so NO ONE CAN MISS IT, they can ONLY DENY IT.

OK, so what? The entire point of GRACE is that humanity walks in total spiritual darkness and is a PRISONER OF HIS OWN NATURE. He is totally UNWORTHY to be rescued, and does not deserve any “DIVINE FAVOR” WHATSOEVER. Look up the meaning of GRACE. We are the leopard with spots. No matter how much we attempt to change OUR NATURE, by ANY MEANS, we are still a leopard and we still have spots.

ANY ATTEMPTS by us to ALTER THAT WHICH CANNOT BE ALTERED is total futility. It is total VANITY. No religion, no “good works” or “bad works,” no matter what we do, WE ARE TRAPPED, for we cannot by any means CHANGE OUR FALLEN DNA NATURE. Do you understand? It is imperative that you do.

We are what we are, and the Bible says we are FALLEN and as such, an ENEMY OF THE CREATOR. No one wants to accept that cold, hard fact. Humanity is a fallen creature in league with SATAN, the arch enemy of Jesus Christ. Yet Jesus Christ came down here, behind enemy lines, in an attempt to RESCUE those that would come to Him in the MANNER HE COMMANDED. There is a reason WHY He commanded us to “enter in”. It must have something to do with a CHANGE OF OUR DNA, our very NATURE.

But if we are to understand the TRUE NATURE of AUTHENTIC SALVATION, we MUST understand that NO WORKS, NO LAW KEEPING, NO RITUALS can save us. Humanity CANNOT, be ANY MEANS WHATSOEVER change its NATURE, HIS DNA. His spirit is still fallen. There is only ONE WAY to true and authentic salvation. ONLY ONE WAY. GRACE BROUGHT IT and the Christian Churches of today have utterly refused it, mocked it, and destroyed it, as they are about to find out when the Lord comes back to get His people and to separate the TRUE from the FALSE.

While millions of Christians are praying the rapture of the Church, they are in for a BIG SURPRISE, for they will find out they were GAINSAYERS, not BORN FROM ABOVE, for they refused the only way to be born again. Their leaders were liars, merchandisers, who traded in lost souls. They would not come to the light, and there is a big difference between having faith or belief in the LIGHT rather than COMING TO THE LIGHT.

John 3:19-21

19 And this is the condemnation, that light is come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil.

20 For every one that doeth evil hateth the light, neither cometh to the light, lest his deeds should be reproved.

21 But he that doeth truth cometh to the light, that his deeds may be made manifest, that they are wrought in God.


If we could change our nature by “works” or “religions” or “philosophies” or any other method, such as “good thoughts,” “rituals,” “law keeping” and any other method you want to dream up, THEN JESUS CHRIST WAS A LIAR, and a LUNATIC, who died for NOTHING! Do you see? If we can, by ourselves, CHANGE OUR OWN NATURE, then we have no need of any redemption, any savior, any rescue.

This point is so important to understand. Once grasped for what it really means, we can relax before the Lord, admit the real truth, and then, and ONLY THEN, can we begin to slowly understand WHY Jesus Christ COMMANDED US to “enter ye in” at the STRAIT GATE, and travel down this most mysterious pathway He called NARROW. It is, He said, the ONLY WAY, THE ONLY WAY, TO CHANGE OUR NATURE by the method of REBIRTH OF THE SPIRIT.  He even told us that the vast majority of HIS PEOPLE would refuse it and “climb in some other way.”

These poor Christians, by the millions, would climb in some other way, refuse the strait and narrow, and their “Christian leaders” would lead them all to eternal ruin. The warnings are EVERYWHERE, on both Old and New Testaments.

What we have today is called TOTAL APOSTASY. The GREAT FALLING AWAY has been with us for some time, there is now NO TRUTH LEFT WHEN IT COMES TO TRUE SALVATION. It has vanished, and that is why Jesus Christ UTTERLY REJECTS MILLIONS OF CHRISTIANS AT THE END with a very terse “Get away from me, I NEVER CAME TO KNOW YOU EXPERIENTALLY”.

The “some other way” is the attempt to ENTER IN BY LAW-KEEPING, often called “legalisms” or “religious rituals” by doing this or doing that. Why is that? Because it does nothing to ALTER OUR FALLEN NATURE.  Jesus called the leaders of the Sanhedrin “whitewashed sepulchers” and “full of dead men’s bones.” Now why in the world would Jesus so insult these LAW KEEPERS to the highest degree, keeping over hundreds of laws to justify themselves before the Lord? Why did Jesus pick on those poor folks?

He was giving us an example that ALL WORKS no matter what kind, no matter how dutifully or religiously kept, DOES NOT CHANGE THE FACT THAT MANKIND IS FULL OF DEAD MEN’S BONES, because mankind is FALLEN, totally unable by any means at all to CHANGE THEIR NATURE. Salvation is not based on ANY FORM OF RITUAL OR LAW KEEPING. It is instead based upon something humanity denies and refuses to face. Paul warned us. Jesus warned us. Peter warned us, and even the Old Testament warned us – and it seems now, to NO AVAIL.

Mankind, it seems, will do anything, anything at all, to AVOID THE CROSS OF CHRIST. ANYTHING AT ALL. As the Meatloaf song goes “I will do anything for LOVE, but I will NOT DO THAT”. So true. Humanity will invent any concept or method to avoid the OFFENSE OF THE CROSS. It is a refusal to admit our own NATURE. It is to be a mocker and GAINSAYER OF THE ONE WHO CAME TO RESCUE US. Modern Christians are GAINSAYERS. They are about to find it out the hard way, a horrible way. They will stand before the Lord REJECTED. They will protest and claim their good works, as to how they threw out demons, performed miracles, and did all sorts of “good works” and taught about Christ in the streets, churches, etc.

His reply to them is very chilling. No one, it seems, wants to face this reply to them, and what it REALLY MEANS for us as Christians. It is a dire warning.  “I never came to know you experientially.” Look it up, your very salvation depends upon it.

Jesus brought with Him a concept so strange, so different, so radical that mankind has been fighting over it for two-thousand plus years – and according to the Bible, the multitudes end up in RUIN, all because they refused to do as Jesus Christ commanded: “ENTER YE IN” and a final comment “WHY DO YOU CALL ME LORD, LORD AND NOT DO WHAT I SAY?”


Why did Jesus COMMAND you to DIE THE DEATH?

Why did Jesus say that a CORN OF WHEAT must fall into the ground an die, or it would remain ALONE?





Why does the Old Testament WARN YOU to seek after WISDOM and UNDERSTANDING WITH ALL THY GETTING?

None of these things are a WORK, or a LEGALISM. They are there because it is the ONLY WAY IN, THE ONLY WAY TO CHANGE YOUR NATURE, YOUR DNA. Refuse it and you will DIE IN YOUR SINS, WITH NO COVERING, AND NO ALTERNATIVE TO RUIN. It is true, even if you do not believe it.

Then I ask you this final question, for the end, it seems is only weeks or months away for HIS CHURCH. “It is NOT whether you THINK you know Jesus, the question is, DOES JESUS KNOW YOU? That is the most important question in all of LIFE. DOES JESUS KNOW YOU, and how do you know IF HE DOES?

Refuse NOT Him that speaks from heaven, lest you die in your sins. Do not find out the HARD WAY you are one of the LOST. Do not find out the HARD WAY that you were a Christian GAINSAYER. Open your eyes while GRACE is still here. ENTER IN with all of your heart, mind, soul and strength and yet the Lord MAY PARDON YOU for your blindness.

“Heavenly Father, I pray that you would open the eyes of the blind, that you would show them the ONE and ONLY TRUE WAY to salvation, and that they would commit themselves this VERY MINUTE to SEARCHING YOU OUT, no matter what the cost, no matter if unto death itself, for the DOORS OF GRACE are closing, and that they not be SHUT OUT, Amen”


HARVEY is just the beginning of judgments that TRUMP will bring to America because they refused to repent, turn to The Lord and be “healed.” Americans wanted a MAN TO SAVE THEIR NATION, not Jesus Christ. We would have healed Babylon, but she will not be healed. She has refused to repent and does not even know what it means. Donald Trump, the TIP OF THE SPEAR has pierced the SIDE OF BABYLON, but not by his power, first with HARVEY, and who knows what is next? The blood of America will, over the next several years, SLOWLY FLOW out unto death.





6 thoughts on “GRACE vs. THE LAW and the GAINSAYERS– Part One

  1. For older guys like me, it’s a long minute of pathos to watch what was such a grand society turn into nothing but fond memories./// The debate between Grace and works is terrible. We must (as you taught us) SINCERELY want to repent, change, go the other way, and then we should feel inspired by the Holy Spirit to do good works either to help others or to move ourselves away from sin into “pure thought” and then more pure and pious behavior. The problem we have is, people imagine by Grace they’re saved once and for all. A priest says, “God will forgive you. Now go and sin no more.” so….they go and sin again and again because they’re told they can absolved of all sin with an offering and confession of sin.///The person who accepts Christ but makes no changes, obviously isn’t a Christian. People who put on a show in church may have no real faith and will to change their ways. So they really never meant to change with their acceptance prayer, and they’ll finally meet Jesus and hear that they’re unwelcome. It’s all a bit confusing and terribly distressing.
    YES pray for salvation, then make your effort to change your ways, study more of Bible lessons, and actually READ that Bible, making notes in a note book to help yourself. Works (like changed behavior) will not save you…but faith without works is dead.


  2. God bless you Stew for your continued attempts to open the eyes of the blind and trying to warn the defiant ones. More you cannot do.


  3. Great post, and what you’ve written resonates within me as being so, so true. Brought me to tears.


  4. Good one…gets right to the core of “good works”. Now there is “the Faith gospel” that most folks believe to be their Salvation in my neck of the woods. How does one raise an objection to that one? They believe that if they believe…..then they are saved.You know that look they give you when you tell them you’ve met Jesus, face to face, and in person i.e.experientally? He now knows you and you now know Him. The question is answered, the deal has been made, the transaction is rock solid, you’re Home Free! This is not rocket science – why can’t or won’t man see he is a fallen creature. Everything around him dies eventually. even the rocks. What is wrong with man that he cannot work out this simple computation, why won’t he???


  5. Love your daily emails!
    I have had this idea that upon receiving our new bodies that our DNA will be changed. The change will be filling in all the gaps that the scientists said were in everyone’s DNA.
    Experiential – very good selection of words… I pray that we all continue to be able to hear more of the lord and less of the accuser. The accuser is trying to pull each of us away from the Lord. We must all draw closer to the Lord now.


  6. Stewart, thank you for this post. I am praying that by the Holy Spirit it reaches those for whom it is composed and intended. I am truly amazed at the state of affairs that we find our nation in. The hurricane Harvey is bad news…a very large earthquake commensurate with the hurricane magnitude is surely coming. They will punctuate what you are sending out and forth via these prescient posts. God Bless you and Cindy and yours.


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