Trump, Phoenix, Opium and Harvey – Will Satan Come in As a Flood?

Most of you already know that Donald Trump is a high-level Mason and uses masonic hand signals all of the time. His floor on the Trump Tower is level 66. In his suite, there are a number of murals dedicated to Apollo, the DESTROYER. Outside of Trump Tower is an inverted pyramid made up of trees, and there are 6 trees of each side of this triangle, hence 666, with 6 obelisks ascending to the top of the building. Trump is referred to as the TIP OF THE SPEAR, and his building forms a spear with the TIP of the spear made up of the trees forming the triangle.


No one yet knows exactly who Trump is, but we do know he is playing by the numbers, for his speech given when Charlottesville was in riot mode was on 8-11-2017. He began his speech to the VA at 3:33 and ended it at 3:44 giving a message to those who were watching of both 9:11 and 9-23. Here is how it works:

3+3+3 = 9. 3+4+4 = 11, or a clearly sent message for 9-11, 2017. We also know that 9-11 was a huge attack upon New York City and the Twin Towers, something forecast in a number of movies, such as “Back to the Future” and the TV cartoons like “The Simpsons.” Both 9-23 and 9-11 repeatedly show up in increasing ways.

So, was Trump pointing to a 9-11 false flag event? Most likely, but we have to wait to get there. The odds are great that a major false flag event will occur on 9-11. We pray not.

Next comes the speech in PHOENIX. That took place 11 days later, on the 8-22-2017. That adds up to 22 or 11+11. So, we have an 11+11+11 or 33. None of this is by accident. Further, his Phoenix speech lasted for 72 minutes, it is said, or a 9. So, do we have a 9-22 warning as well? If the Rapture of the Bride is to happen on a Feast of Trumpets (9-21,22 or 23).

Remember the Phoenix Bird? The one that burns up and then rises again out of its ashes? One might suppose that that Trump or his handlers picked Phoenix to tell us something of the actual BEGINNING OF THE DEATH OF AMERICA – and the rise of the New World Order. The Phoenix Bird is the EAGLE on our Great Seal. The Masons of course know this!

Looks suspicious to me, anyhow…

Then, of course, we have the TROOP BUILDUP in Afghanistan announced on 8-21-2017 and that tells us, according to Bannon, that the END OF TRUMP had occurred, and the DEEP STATE was now in total control. The CIA coup was almost over and the CIA POPPY FIELDS would have to be guarded at all costs by our military troops for the CIA/DEEP STATE OPIUM TRADE.

Then we have HARVEY, which, they say, could be sort of a STORM OF THE CENTURY, so powerful, Fox News reported, it could actually alter our COASTLINES. Is Harvey the beginning of A FLOOD OF DEMONIC ACTIVITY ALL ACROSS AMERICA? Odd that it falls within the 40 days of Repentance from the Solar Eclipse and should, if reports are accurate, make landfall on the 25th or 3 days after Trump’s speech in Phoenix? And so it goes…


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