The SIGN OF JONAH appears to have come and gone, and except for a tiny, tiny few in America, no one noticed that Babylon the Great has now entered her eclipse, and will, in a few short years, be removed and will become history, not even remembered by the next civilization to come upon the scene after the coming POLE SHIFT.

Let’s take a look at some of the KEY POINTERS that have just occurred, all pointing to the same PIVOT POINT or we could say the EVENT HORIZON for THE CHURCH and ISRAEL. The dispensation is about to change, the AGE OF GRACE is soon to close, and the return to THE LAW is already well underway.

The solar eclipse was seen by the occult as the ASCENSION, or we could call it, change of consciousness, the beginning phase of a NEW ENERGY, the next step of evolution towards godhood status. It is a KEY SIGN that the NEW AGE is now upon us, and will rise during Daniel’s 70th week. Another very important sign, and it may in turn be connected to the incoming Galactic Super Wave, which will not only alter consciousness, but also change people’s DNA, causing mutations and other serious physical problems. Along with this is the rise of solar anomalies and cosmic radiation as we enter into the solar minimum phase of Cycle 25.

The next major sign that we are at the end is the communist coup going on in America as she needs to be toppled and brought into the NEW WORLD ORDER, all of which is to take place in the first years of Daniel’s 70th week. Communists have infiltrated out schools, universities, pulpits, and all levels of government. The American “Cultural Revolution” will rewrite history by removal of any heritage (history) of America and “erase” it. First statues, then books, then people. It is always the same, and it is RIGHT ON TIME.

The next sign is the sign of the removal of President Trump, and the calls to topple our government and replace Trump with a communist puppet, whosoever he may turn out to be as we are now in the final stage of America’s downfall.

The next sign is that we are now being told that we need to return to our roots, and those roots are the Torah, and the LAWS OF ANCIENT ISRAEL. Even popular people like Joseph Farah are telling us that the Church has drifted away from the real truth and part of the apostasy is because we have left off the Torah and we are not observing the Sabbath. He has recently written a book called “The Restitution Of All Things,” and strongly suggests we need to RETURN TO SABBATH KEEPING.

“When Joseph Farah, the man who started the first independent online news agency and wrote mega-bestselling books in collaboration with others, determined to write what he called his “most controversial book ever” on the subject of the Coming Kingdom of God on Earth, he wasn’t expecting rave reviews.

But that’s exactly what he got with “The Restitution of All Things: Israel, Christians and the End of the Age.”

The book, among the bestsellers at Amazon in the prophecy and eschatology categories, has received 75 percent 5-star reviews from the audience of the nation’s biggest retailer.

Farah said he was shocked not so much by the accolades, but by how little criticism and ostracism he has experienced for the controversial positions he takes in the book – all, he emphasizes, entirely backed by Scripture.

“I really expected far more antagonism than I have experienced,” he said.

Farah said what he teaches in the book is practiced by only a tiny minority of those who call themselves Christians – and most who do are messianic Jews or those Christians who consider themselves part of still-small Israel-centric movement searching for the roots of their faith in the Hebrew Scriptures.

“I would say it’s somewhere around 1 or 2 percent of the believers today,” Farah said. “But it is growing – in leaps and bounds.”

“The Restitution of All Things” is something of a manifesto for that budding movement – the first effort to tie together some of the common denominators of the loose collection of Sabbath-keepers not associated with the Seventh-Day Adventist Church, or any other denomination.

He says it’s tough to break traditions, like Sunday worship, that extend back to around the Second or Third Century and the domination of Christianity by the Roman Catholic Church.”


It is right on time for the Star Sign, a sign for Israel, that we are in fact headed for a TRANSITION over to the law,  a total removal of GRACE. “Oh foolish Galatians” is ignored of course, as people like Farah also refuse to accept the identity of America in prophecy and attempt to mix GRACE and LAW, which are in fact MUTUALLY EXCLUSIVE.

In the age of Grace, the LAW IS TO BE WRITTEN INTO THE HEART OF THE SPIRIT, via TRUE and AUTHENTIC REGENERATION, that is, BEING BORN FROM ABOVE. Jesus left us with ONE LAW, and that law is to DIVINELY LOVE ONE ANOTHER.  This cannot occur unless one enters the strait gate and walks the narrow way unto an encounter with Jesus Christ who is LIFE, who is DIVINE LOVE, and that encounter is AUTHENTIC REGENERATION. Jesus told MILLIONS of Christians in Matthew 7 that he NEVER “KNEW” THEM. People need to really dig in and study what that actually means, for it is one of the most deadly verses in Scripture.

This article is a POINTER to the end of the Church Age, the Age of Grace and return to LAW KEEPING, which many in the Church, if still here, will totally EMBRACE because humanity refuses to do as Christ commanded them, thus totally failing to understand what REGENERATION actually means and what Jesus is warning about.

The LAW was introduced to PROVE TO HUMANITY they could NOT keep it. No matter how hard mankind tries, they cannot keep the laws either in word, deed or thought. Humanity is FALLEN, and as Jesus mocked the Jews of His day and called them “whitewashed,” and any attempt to earn the favor of the Lord by “deeds, law keeping, rituals, etc.” was ALL VANITY and would lead to eternal ruin.

All of this return to law-keeping may be good for the soul but it has nothing to do with SALVATION. Salvation in Jesus Christ, just as Jesus Himself told everyone, would be LOST and a NEW GOSPEL, a FALSE GOSPEL would be introduced that leads millions of Christians to their ruin. Peter also told us all about it. True salvation has nothing to do with law-keeping, rituals, and legalisms. TRUE SALVATION is SEARCHING OUT THE TRUTH WITH ALL OF YOUR HEART, MIND, SOUL AND STRENGTH, or the Lord is lying to us, and He is not.

The next recent pointer that also deals with the return to the Law and Rituals of ancient Israel is that a Rabbi in Spain that is calling for ALL JEWS IN EUROPE to RETURN TO ISRAEL. This concerns Ezekiel and THE FINAL RETURN.  He is not alone. Here is an excerpt from that article:

“Rabbi Meir Bar-hen says it’s time for all the Jews of Spain to leave. That they are no longer safe in Spain, that it has been lost to Islamic terrorists and it’s time to move to Israel. The Rabbi like many others is saying all of Europe is lost.

There are other Rabbi’s in Germany and France who are following in the footsteps of many European Rabbi’s of the 30’s and 40’s who kept telling their congregation that everything will get better and not to leave. They didn’t want to lose their position and congregation and only led their congregations into the Nazi death camps. These Rabbi’s need to wake up and face reality and look at Jewish history. The fact is that it is time for all Jews to come home. God is calling Jews around the world to come home to Israel. “


This is a MAJOR SIGN that we are very close to the AGE OF GRACE closing. Soon there will be a total economic collapse and persecution that will force all Jews around the world to go back to Israel, for the Lord God will CAUSE THEM TO RETURN so He can once again take up His controversy with them and BECAUSE THEY REFUSED CHRIST, they must ATONE FOR THEIR SINS via Daniel’s 70th week also called the time of Jacob’s trouble.

When you couple this with COSMIC SIGNS, we find everything is happening as it should. This movement of the Jews back to Israel is simply a CONFIRMATION of the cosmic signs we have been given over the years, beginning with the two comets crossing Algol in ’96 & ’97 and from then on. Many claim our calendars are off, but one thing is certain – the COSMIC SIGNS ARE NOT, and what they mean is getting more and more clear. We wait, we watch, and we pray always that we be worthy to escape all of these things and STAND BEFORE THE SON OF MAN.

One more thing – what about many of the verses that prophecy scholars teach are SECOND ADVENT verses? They are not, they are verses concerning Christ coming to the BELIEVER in the act of authentic regeneration, and have nothing to do with the Second Advent – one more concept LOST on a LOST CHURCH.

There is very little support for the real truth out there, another great sign that the end is here – for people of America will be searching for the truth from coast to coast, from the east to the west, from the north to the south and will not be able to find it. Why? Because it HAS BEEN REMOVED. Why? Because no one would support it, and no one wanted it. You cannot even give the TRUTH AWAY.