Best & Taylor Update – The Warning For 8-18-2017

Tonight on Night Shadows 7:00 PM CDT

Peace & Security, Trump Coup, Israel & 9-23



The 8-21 eclipse may well signal the beginning of a period of repentance as Jonah’s warning of 40 days to Feast of Atonement. But what does it all mean with terror attacks now accelerating the world over? Humanity has rejected the Scripture for the most part and that includes the vast majority of Christians, as they are now apostates, falling more and more away from the truth. As the Deep State prepares their plans to be rid of Trump, it could backfire if the hand of the Lord is still upon him. Trump is adding to the peace and security police state and the International Day of Peace and Security is on 9-21-2017 Feast of Trumpets. Earth changes continue to pound the planet with storms, floods, volcanic and earthquake activity. More sightings of Mothman and other flying creatures.