The Very Big IF and the Rapture Window


It is very interesting how people drop off the conditional phrases folks use or they forget the caveats used, especially when it comes to the Bible, and when it comes to authentic salvation in Jesus Christ. Salvation, according to Jesus, is filled with IFs, ANDs, BUTS and OR’s, that is, a number caveats are included, and if left off, NO SALVATION OCCURS.

Because of modern global society is very materialistic and wants instant gratification, that concept has infiltrated the Church and along with it, an instant salvation concept – which is denied in both Old and New Testament to such a degree no one has any excuse for not understanding the FALSE SALVATION THEOLOGY OF TODAY.  Yet all the warning goes totally unheeded.

An example of what I mean is in this simple and straightforward comment of the Lord:

31 Then said Jesus to those Jews which believed on him, If ye continue in my word, then are ye my disciples indeed;

32 And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.


So here is a huge conditional phrase that deals directly with TRUE SALVATION because TRUE SALVATION sets one free. IF you continue you will KNOW THE TRUTH – and THE TRUTH is JESUS CHRIST HIMSELF, and word KNOW is the same as Matthew 7 and the rejection of the vast majority of Christians. Why? Jesus said “Why do you call me Lord, Lord, and NOT DO WHAT I SAY?

The same concept holds true when it comes to the RAPTURE OF THE CHURCH. The various positions one holds are in fact based upon rapture theology, that is, attempting to unravel what the Bible is telling us and why. As with various denominations, there are various rapture positions, each one with their argument as to why this is true or that is true. IF they are correct, the rapture will occur when they claim and IF IT IS NOT TRUE, it will not.

Thus the CAVEAT of all of this is a GREAT BIG IF. I personally believe, after examination of all the issues, that the AT TRIB or SLIGHTLY INTO TRIB rapture position is the more correct analysis of everything written.

  1. There are, despite denials, DISPENSATIONS, in which the Lord deals DIFFERENTLY with humanity as time goes along. For example, prior to PENTECOST the Lord dealt with Israel totally different than He did AFTER Pentecost.
  2. Pentecost is a totally different FEAST, the “in the midst” Feast, setting it apart from all the other Feast Days, telling us that THE CHURCH AGE, or the AGE OF GRACE, fits in between or in the midst of the other six. Jesus is found “in the midst.”
  3. This represents the GAP in Daniel’s 70 weeks of years, and that gap is almost 2000 years in length, as the early Church taught the 6000 year doctrine as factual, and the last 2000 years or TWO DAYS would conclude and the Church would be removed, as it has nothing to do with Israel’s TIME OF JACOB’S TROUBLE.


“In early Judaism, the Festival of Weeks (Hebrew: שבועות‎‎, Shavuot) was a harvest festival that was celebrated seven weeks after the beginning of the harvest in Deuteronomy 16:9 or seven weeks “after the Sabbath” in Leviticus 23:16.[18] The Festival of Weeks was also called the feast of Harvest in Exodus 23:16 and the day of first fruits in Numbers 28:26.[19] In Exodus 34:22 it is called the “firstfruits of the wheat harvest.[20] After the destruction of the temple in 70 AD, offerings could no longer be brought to the temple and the festival started to have a different focus: the giving of the law on Sinai.[18]

The date for the “Feast of Weeks” originally came the day after seven full weeks following the first harvest of grain.[21][22] In Jewish tradition the fiftieth day was known as the Festival of Weeks.[19] Counting both the first and last days, it is “fifty days” from the day after Passover Sabbath to the day after the Pentecost Sabbath.[20] It is called fifty days in Scripture, because the Hebrew way of calculating counts the beginning and ending days.[23]

This feast eventually received the name Pentecost, from the Koine Greek word Pentekoste, meaning “fiftieth day.” The actual mention of “fifty days” comes from Leviticus 23:16.[24][3]


So we find the mention of FIRST FRUITS within Pentecost, which is interesting. Many students of prophecy also mention the Barley Harvest as the Church, and then the Wheat Harvest refers to TRIBULATION SAINTS. There are many concepts, many interpretations.

Now all of this is based upon interpretation of what is written, and as we already know, interpretations can be wrong. My previous comments on why the trumpet has not been blown loud and long is based upon the fact that THE RAPTURE is an AT TRIB or slightly into Daniel’s last week – or a TRANSITION from GRACE TO LAW. Hence as a WINDOW OF TIME. No one, for example knows what the “midnight cry” really is. We can make assumptions, based upon the days of Noah and a SEVEN DAY WARNING, but there is a possibility it is based upon LOT who had a ONE DAY WARNING. So which is it? ANOTHER BIG IF.

We know that 9-20 to 21, 2017 begins FEAST OF TRUMPETS, and that is the PIVOT POINT that the Lord is pointing to, a time when the possibility of GRACE BEING OVER and LAW KEEPING BEGINS has a more that 90% probability based upon 50-year Jubilee, 70 year generations, 100 years since 1917, and 120 years since 1897 and the foundations of Israel. There is no accident here, these are long established concepts laid out in the Bible. THEY ALL CONVERGE ON 2017/2018 PIVOT POINT.

Is it possible that the rapture MAY NOT occur exactly on 9-22/23 as many expect? Remember that Israel became a nation on May 14, 1948.  That was based upon the approval of the UN in 1947 – hence this PIVOT of TWO YEARS. Was this why the Lord created a SANDSTORM on Feast of Trumpets in 2015, moving the actual Feast of Trumpets ahead TWO DAYS, because they could not see the New Moon? Was this a POINTER to an OVERLAP? No one knows.

It is interesting that Israel was born on 5-14-1948 and that if you add across – 5+1+4+1+9+4+8 = 32, and the number 32 means COVENANT. God promised He would regather Israel in the land of their forefathers, and HE HAS.

There is a possibility that the rapture could occur on a feast day NOT EXPECTED. Jesus did tell us He was coming on a day YOU THINK NOT. In other words, while everyone is speculating that the Rapture will occur on TRUMPETS, is it a possibility that it would happen on Pentecost 2018? After all the Church Age, the AGE OF GRACE began on PENTECOST. They why not also consider the possibility that it COULD END ON PENTECOST? It would seem logical that if you have a GAP for the Church age, that it could well be a PENTECOST TO PENTECOST GAP. As we have already gone by 2017 Pentecost, then next one falls on May 20th, 2018.

It is interesting that the days between 9-23-2017 and 5-20-2018 are exactly 239 DAYS or a 9-23, something that has been pointed to OVER AND OVER by the Lord. There are number of books written on PENTECOST being a much more likely FEAST for the TRANSLATION OF THE SAINTS, inasmuch as Pentecost deals with THE CHURCH and the CHURCH ALONE.

Remember the LUNAR TETRAD that BOOK ENDED the SEVEN FEASTS OF THE LORD? Passover and Tabernacles TWICE, a warning to Israel the Lord was about to take up his controversy with Israel and put Israel under the ROD for their rejection of Christ. The Lord says He is not a respecter of persons, so why not then BOOK END PENTECOST TO PENTECOST? We could say ALPHA PENTECOST to OMEGA PENTECOST!

This establishes a possible WINDOW OF TIME FOR THE REMOVAL OF THE CHURCH, includes the concept of TWO DAYS, or TWO YEARS IN PIVOT, that is 2017 into 2018? Thus a 7 month and 27 day delay period from which many folks believe the rapture will occur, and WELL IT COULD, because the AT TRIBULATION REMOVAL OF THE CHURCH holds a lot of factual data to support it.

But what IF?


                             THE 7MONTHS and 27 DAY RAPTURE WINDOW