“The Donald” told us all what is about to come upon America

JUST IN: Kimmy the wiz kid just detonated another nuclear weapon, earthquake at the site was recorded:

UPDATE – DENIAL OF ANYTHING HAPPENING. IS THIS A MAJOR COVERUP TO AVOID THE “RED LINE” OF TRUMP? Or did nothing happen at all and this was a “glitch in the system?”

Everyone has heard all about Charlottesville and the riots. Missed by most is the speech that President Trump gave concerning the VA and his remarks on the riots. The Lord is the great mathematical genius and so the occult attempts to mimic Him and do everything by the numbers as well.

Trump was delayed and came to speak at exactly 3:33 PM. He spoke for exactly 11 minutes, and stopped at 3:44. This is no accident. 3+3+3 = 9. 3+4+4 = 11. Thus Trump, who is a high-level Mason, was telling us that this was a FALSE FLAG EVENT, just like 9-11 and the TWIN TOWERS was likewise a FALSE FLAG EVENT. It is a signal that the CHAOS and the final downfall of America is about to begin.

Please notice that 9 days later is 8-21-2017 or the ECLIPSE THAT CROSSES OVER AMERICA. None of this is accidental. America is going to be eclipsed, and severe judgment is on the way.

Why? Because 8-21 is 8+2+1 = 11 as well. If you add in 2017 you come to 21, or 7+7+7, one of the key signatures of the occult!  The number 7 means COMPLETE, DONE, FINISHED. This will be the time of a huge DECEPTION, a STRONG DELUSION.

From 8-12-2017, the day of the massive riots that left 35 injured and 3 dead is likewise of importance. The total is 38 and 3+8 = 11. The signature of Mystery of Revelation 17 are everywhere, hidden in plain sight.

A false flag event does not mean the event was not REAL, because sometimes it is, and sometimes it is a “wag the dog” staged play. It simply means that the event was staged by Mystery to forward their agenda of world domination. This date of 8-12-2017 points not only to 8-21 and the eclipse of America, it also points to 9-23-2017 and the mysterious STAR SIGN. It is 42 days from 8-12 to 9-23. The number 42 means THE LORD’S ADVENT. But it also means ISRAEL’S OPPRESSION, which is direct reference to DANIEL’S 70TH WEEK that will begin on 9-21-23-2017 – and the most likely (99.9% chance) that the CHURCH AGE IS OVER, the AGE OF GRACE is closed, and IF the at tribulation or slightly into the tribulation concept is correct, the church will be removed and America goes down in flames over the next few years.

Jesus made a PROMISE to the REAL CHURCH that He would keep them OUT OF THE “HOUR OF TRIAL” that was to come upon the WHOLE EARTH. This hour of trial was to “try them that dwell upon the whole earth”. The real Christian as already been TRIED via the STRAIT GATE and NARROW WAY, has RECONCILED THEMSELVES BACK TO GOD, and HAS ATONED for their sins, and HAS COME TO THE LIGHT, and does not need to undergo this “trial”. Another indication of the REMOVAL of the ENTIRE CHURCH for judgment and the separation of the WHEAT and TARES.