Best & Taylor Global Intel Update – 8-11-2017





Tonight on Night Shadows at 7:00 PM CDT

Augusto Perez, Solar Eclipse, Trump Surprise, 9-23, Strange Creatures and much more…

Augusto Perez will join Stewart & Larry for a one-hour discussion on what the Trump comments concerning North Korea may mean, why they are being said now, the 9-23 STAR SIGN, and the increasing number of strange creature sightings, like the moth man sightings in Chicago and elsewhere. More warnings concerning the 8-21 eclipse are emerging from the government about power outages (could last 2 or more weeks), and the possible sighting of the Great Red Dragon – or some other object that will bring fear upon humanity as the Lord attempts to warn people that His return is very close indeed and He wants EVERYONE to come to repentance and not perish. The Trump coup continues, but who will win? Has the Lord’s hand been removed or does Trump have much more to do?