Best & Taylor Flash Update 8-9-2017


33, Eclipse, Nuclear, North Korea, Bible Codes & Trump Coup and more…

The eclipse that is coming across America on August 21, 2017 has some interesting elements within that point to a time of TRIAL which may well include a nuclear war with Kim of North Korea. The number 33 is tied to both Kim and the eclipse plus a new Bible Code that has war with NK and eclipse within it – the remote viewers under Ed Dames said they “saw” Kim use a nuclear bomb in anger – and well he could. The coup against Trump is accelerating, and Bibi of Israel is under investigation for corruption. More visions of terrible trouble coming to America, and more Walmart information seems to indicate they are finishing up their gathering and holding places for the “roundup” of Americans. More evidence is surfacing that 9-22-23 will change the world if not before then, and more earth changes are just ahead…



5 thoughts on “Best & Taylor Flash Update 8-9-2017

  1. Thank you Stewart and Larry for every broadcast!!!! They are soooo filled with timely info I agree with you on the 7 day warning before the 40 days!!! Linda


  2. This is excellent. Thank you for your insights and ” intel ” that helps with understanding.
    Also just ordered the book” Why has the Trumpet not blown ” by the late beloved David Wilkerson.
    May God bless you and Larry both!


  3. As you always say “God gets the final word” : ) The warnings & signs are all there just as Jesus said “when you see all these signs… lift up your heads…” I don’t know what else is missing. The fields are ripe.

    Thank you Stew for continuing to speak the truth and thanks to Larry for all his contributions over the years.


  4. thanks again for all you do to inform and warn……..lots of religious demigods think they know best but like you said the Lord stands afar from the haughty……whatever occurs around 9/23/17 and after will be in God’s Kairos timing…..may He be merciful and gracious to those who are calling upon Him and watching for His coming……God be with you, Larry, and all family members as the day draweth nigh………

    R Faber


  5. the trumpet IS blowing loud and clear….most are not listening and not tuned in. thank YOU stewart and larry for all your work.


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