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The Best & Taylor Global Intel Update With Richard Shaw

August 4, 2017


A Night With Richard Shaw and the Latest News on Bible Codes, Research and World Events


Israel is the center of of all Bible prophecy and is also the TIMELINE OF THE LORD for his dealing with both the world and Israel. Richard has worked with the leading experts on the Torah Codes that focuses ONLY on the Torah and excludes all other areas of Scripture. These experts have found some amazing codes concerning the END OF DAYS and of world events. The signs are now everywhere that something is coming, something VERY BIG is underfoot, and that big change IS COMING, even if we cannot yet fully define it. It seems the TRUMPETS are not blowing loudly, and very few want to face the fact that the END OF THIS AGE is rapidly approaching, as God moves from the Church Age over to Israel and the Abrahamic and Davidic Covenants He made with Israel in the ancient past, and more…



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