Best-Taylor Critical Update For 8-3-2017

 Night Shadows Tonight 7:00 PM CDT

Deep State Grand Jury Probe – The Sign Of  Jonah & Solar Eclipse


The vast majority of the Church in America is comatose to what is going on all around the, the spirit of antichrist is rising, and evidence is mounting that we will be involved in war very soon, along with an economic collapse, possible fake EMP as the powers that be make their final move for world domination and the installation of the antichrist. The Grand Jury means that something has been either FAKED and then DISCOVERED in order to remove TRUMP was doing anything, such as the new law that Trump was forced to sign. Now they are moving to tie his hands even more. If Trump is taken down, then some terrible things are going to happen to America very, very soon, and most people are NOT PREPARED to face any of it.