Best & Taylor Flash Update 8-2-2017


Russian Troop Movements, The Trump Wars, Moth-man & Kimmi The Wiz Kid Has Nuclear Matches

Concern is growing that Russia is ramping up its war machine for a sudden invasion that would include Europe. At the same time Iran and Kimmy The Wiz Kid are toying with their missiles with threats to take down the West. The mighty Babylon-America appears to be imploding while it flexes its military might around the world and is in deep denial as to its true identity before the Lord and what it’s fate really is. The August 21st solar eclipse appears to be more than just a warning to America and appears to be directly related to and points to both 9-23 and Atonement. Are the dogs of war about to be unleashed? It appears that war comes before 9-23 and the cry for peace and security and more…



2 thoughts on “Best & Taylor Flash Update 8-2-2017

  1. As you both probably know with the total solar eclipse being on the 21st, in Biblical numerics 21 means exceeding sinfulness of sin. So also adding up the whole date of 8+21+2017=21. Therefore we have a double portion of exceeding sinfulness of sin for both sides of this country that the eclipse cuts through. Coincidence? Nothing with the Lord our God is by coincidence. Timing is everything and in all things.
    On a side note, I came across an article on Steve Quayle’s website regarding the Perseid meteor shower that’s going on currently through August 13th. It said the peak day would be 8/12/2017, which also happens to add up to 21.
    Thanks for your updates.

    Gods Blessings to you,
    Susan Morgan


    • Yes! Rev 18:5 For her sins have reached unto heaven, and God hath remembered her iniquities. 6 …Double unto her double according to her works…

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