Best & Taylor Global Update – Humanities End



The Mystery Of Trump and Humanities End

More and more incredible evidence is pouring in to TOTALLY CONFIRM that the 9-23 STAR SIGN apparently not only represents THE ARRIVAL and the strong delusions apex, it may well represent the MIDNIGHT CRY and SEVEN DAY warning that was given to Noah. Is it possible that many parts of STRONG’S have been coded by the Lord to give us a hidden message that confirms the SIGNS IN THE HEAVENS and the SIGNS ON EARTH. Do you know what the word TRUMP actually means? You will be amazed that its real meaning is exactly what Donald J. Trump is now doing!! Does the election Donald John Trump have a greater meaning for the Church? Is He the LAST TRUMP? Is all of this coded in a very strange way not only in the Bible but also Strong’s? How does all of this fit together with world events going on right now, and more




1 thought on “Best & Taylor Global Update – Humanities End

  1. Enjoyed the show and looking forward to the details in your Prophetic Insider! God is indeed the Great Mathematician and has got to be involved in all these numbers. Found myself thinking about Larry’s Missiles of October the past couple of weeks, so it made me smile when you guys brought it up again. On top of all the signs it seems we are closer than ever for Larry’s vision to become a reality.

    Thank you for continuing to feed the little flock.
    Love in Jesus – D


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