Best & Taylor Global Intel Update – 7-28-2017 – 5777, Childhoods End

Tonight on Night Shadows 7:00 PM CDT

Is 9-23-2017 (5777) Childhoods End & The End Of The Church and Much More…

The Bible speaks of a strong delusion, a deception so powerful that the vast majority of the human race falls into it. The word STRONG means totally effective, meaning it will not be able to be resisted by those who refused the offer of Jesus Christ to be saved or rescued from this Earth. But what if Satan and his angels were to run a game upon humanity and set up a similar program, a fake ARRIVAL? And what if Satan is already here (The Bible says he is), working within the multitude of black projects of the Deep State, helping humanity to develop the weapons needed in an attempt to destroy the Lord at His Arrival? It seems the occult KNOWS NOW their time is very short, that the TWO-YEAR DELAY is now over, and the removal of God’s people is now at hand? Is it possible that THE AGE OF GRACE is coming to a close and that Daniel’s 70th week will now begin? The gainsayers are mocking all of it, saying this is just another wave of hope that will be dashed to pieces when 9-23-2017 comes and goes. And what about Tu’B’Av? Most know nothing about it, or what it actually represents!! Is Tu’B’Av a pointer? Is 9-23-2017 another “pointer” or the REAL THING, with events on Earth are all pointing ONE WAY, trouble is coming to America and much more..