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Bible Code Expert Barry Roffman Will Update Us On His Latest Research Into Mars and More…

July 26, 2017



Best & Taylor Update With Bible Code Expert Barry Roffman

Barry Roffman will join Stewart & Larry for an update on his latest research in the Bible Codes and his Mars Research. Why is NASA not telling the truth about the actual environment on Mars and why are they doctoring the color on Mars pictures – is it possible we are on Mars right now? Is it possible that alien structures have been found there but are being hidden away much like the giants of Genesis Six? What is on Mars that requires NASA to keep the mysteries secret? Is there an Alternative Three Base on Mars? The environment on Mars appears far different than we have all been told and we will discuss other Bible Codes Barry has run…





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  1. Karen permalink
    July 26, 2017 8:02 pm

    This guest really, really confused me. I have
    no idea what he was talking about. Could you please do a follow up episode to explain what he does and what he meant by his remarks?


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