Best & Taylor Flash Update – Israel & Trump Wars, 923 IS REAL – Get Ready!!


War in Israel? Congress Bypasses Trump – Deep State Wants War & 9:23 Arrival



The world at large is totally oblivious to all the warnings of the Bible, and the vast majority of Christians as well. The 9-23 sign is being confirmed over and over, as the 777 signs are now world-wide. All of this confirms that September 23, 2017 is a key pivot date and the world is about to undergo changes that you would not believe! Genesis 1:14 (4-11 in code)┬átells the world to watch the skies, understand the signs, and Psalm 119 (9-11 in code) tells us the same thing. Yet few are paying any attention to what we are being told. The move of the DEEP STATE via Congress to bypass Trump is the height of evil, and the death of America and the DEEP STATE AS WELL. Their long awaited NEW WORLD ORDER is a rope around the elite’s neck as they sign their own death warrants. Israel ramps up for FULL WAR, and time is perfect for 9:23 SIGN. Are you ready? 99% of the Christians are in serious trouble with the Lord because they have embraced a false salvation doctrine that leads them to eternal ruin and so it goes…