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Best & Taylor Intel Update for 7-14-2017 – Tales of the Strange

July 14, 2017

UFO’s, The Arrival, Teleportation, Earthquakes, 9-23 IS Real, Trump, Obama, Deep State Coup, America Implodes and more…

UFO sightings increasing the world over, paranormal sightings mean the veil is thinning, and global weather changes mean famine coming. The world is getting increasingly agitated, the nations are restless, world war will come upon us, the Revelation 12 sign IS REAL, and the gainsayers are out there in force, and we will prove them wrong tonight, earthquakes in Oklahoma, Long Valley, Yellowstone increasing by the day, Larry’s vision of a huge fissure in Oklahoma and sighting of a huge UFO to the south of his home, the UFO/Alien/US enigma claim of Ed Haines, a naval commander who witnessed an arrival of a huge mother ship and US Government people going on board. If you want collusion, the government is involved in a massive collusion just as Dr. Greer and the Blue Beam project suggest. We are about to be invaded and the 9-23 date may be deeply involved in that “arrival” and much more tonight on NIGHT SHADOWS…



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  1. Karen permalink
    July 14, 2017 8:11 pm

    Yes! Yellowstone does cause seismic activity
    down into Oklahoma. Those clouds that Larry mentioned seeing might have been EQ clouds.
    You can do an online search to view images, or contact Charlotte King for information. Regarding Larry’s “anticipation” do you remember in the movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind that all of these monks in India were sitting outside waiting for the ET contact?
    I think it’s Alfred Labremont-Weber that you are trying to remember, Stewart. A really wonderful man who lives in Vancouver, BC. Itching Ears is the current problem with so-called Christians, following another gospel- majorly home-brewed: a little of New Age, plus superstition plus “what makes sense to a man” and add some plain heresy and you’ve got it. Great program tonight, guys.


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