Best & Taylor Global Intel Update for 7-12-2017

Communist Coup Accelerating, Kim Threats, Earth Changes, Wars & Rumors of Wars

The final acts of the third Temple period are being played out right under our noses as 5778 looms just ahead of 9-22 or 23 2017 for Israel, the 50th year since 1967 and the 6-day war and 70 years since her rebirth, and the world is sound asleep. Things are converging in heaven and upon Earth, with Israel as the central time clock for the Earth. With 5777 as the key pivot year for HUGE CHANGES on Earth, with the rise of the New World Order, The arrival of the FALLEN ONES, possibly the arrival of the TWO WITNESSES, things could get very interesting from now on. Earth changes are getting more and more obvious, and volcanic activity is getting serious around the world.




6 thoughts on “Best & Taylor Global Intel Update for 7-12-2017

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  2. Rapture, rapture…..If nearly all of Churchianity believes in “it” should that not tell us something ?

    Harpazo is not a physical catching up into the physical heavens with a physical body, but a spiritual catching up into Omni-Presence
    out of a lower form of limited life, up into a higher form of Unlimited Life. There, endowed with God’s Throne Life of character, attributes,
    power and authority. ( Eph. 2:5-6, 1:18-20, Rev. 2:26-27, 3:21 ). It is “there” in the spirit where those that were ready will receive their marching orders
    to bring heaven to earth. Remember Paul when he “went” somewhere, in the body or out of the body, he did not know.

    As the world progressively worsens Christiandom will finally realize that they are not going anywhere, (except those that die prematurely
    because of the beast system) this will cause the great falling away because the people believed their pastors when they should have been seeking
    diligently themselves. The Holy Spirit shall lead you into all truth.

    Two in the bed, one is taken, one is left, two working in the field, one is taken and one is left. Wicked removed, righteous remain.
    As with the days of Noah, who is taken and who is left ? (Mat. 24: 37-42) Literally the Lord is coming to you and not for you, he would like you to be totally
    submitted to him and his spirit so that he can do his work on the earth, he has been waiting 2000 years ( Col. 2:26-27 ).

    All of the earth is waiting for Him to manifest, it is groaning for things to be right ( Rom. 8:19-23 ).
    What everything comes down to is Christ In You, satan does not care if you believe there is a god,
    his life in this world is only jeopardized if Gods people find out who they really are and what they are called to HERE.
    Satan’s lies are even preached in our pulpits “ you can never be as Christ while here on earth”
    I ask you from what spirit realm does that statement come from ? For many deceivers have gone out into the world,
    men who will not acknowledge the coming of Jesus Christ in “ the” (Your) flesh, such a one is the deceiver and the antichrist. ( 2nd John 1:7-8 ).

    I love and respect Stewart and Larry, learned a lot from those two families, they have enlightened my understanding but, none of us are yet complete in our understanding.
    We must weigh and, if found correct, accept what Our Father has revealed in others of His Body.
    C. Thomas


      • Karen, not my ideas ! but time will tell.
        Kind of like when Jesus said “you had to eat his flesh and drink his blood.” It was absolutely true, the way he meant it but all the “believers” except the 12 left.
        They just could not understand what he was saying using ” their ” mind.

        Jesus said to his disciples in gospel of John ” I wish you were where I am ” Why would He say that ? He was right there talking with them but they could not understand what He was saying. He was in spirit while walking around in the flesh, the disciples had their head ” here
        instead of “there”. Later of course in the upper room they came to their right mind.


  3. Be sure to listen to the newest short video from Dahboo7 dated July 12, 2017: It Begins: Congressman Files Articles of Impeachment Against Donald Trump. Remember that Trump
    is returning to France for Bastille Day on Friday. Now why would he want to do that, when he was just there, and in light of the fact that a guy was arrested for threatening to assassinate Macron? I smell a possible false flag in the works. That video can be found at:


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